Mirage, also known as the Black Cat in Journey of the Vixen and its respective stories, the Queen of Hell and "My Queen" affectionately by Red in The King of Hell, is a villain in the Aladdin TV series and also one of the frequent villains on the show. She is voiced by Bebe Neuwirth who also voices Belladonna.

In literature she is the main antagonist of Journey of the Vixen and the stories in that title and the tertiary antagonist of The King of Hell alongside Red and Belladonna as part of the Triumvirate of Evil.


She is an anthropomorphic cat with grey fur with the closest to her breed being a Russian Blue the same breed as Emily. However she has olive tan skin at sunset. She also has green eyes like other cats (except Red and Shere Khan who have yellow eyes), blue eyeshadow, and black hair. She wears an Egyptian like headdress, gold cuffs on her arms, and a ruby dress.

In her original appearance, Mirage's dress is split in two like a belly dancer but in her return in Journey of the Vixen and the Anthro Saga her dress is a full dress which means that it has no gaps and the only things that are exposed are her arms and her feet. This is also Mirage's form in The King of Hell before she joins Red in coming to Earth.

When Mirage arrives on Earth, she resembles a Hungarian Horntail dragon. Her dragon form has jet black scales, yellow eyes with vertical pupils like the eyes of a cat with bronze horns around her head like a crown and similar coloured spikes protrude from her tail. The roar of her dragon form is now a yowling, screeching scream unlike the roars of other hell hounds and hell foxes in particular Ranger whose roar is akin to the Godzilla villain Destoroyah.

Unlike Red's dragon form, Mirage's dragon form resembles not only a Hungarian Horntail but it also resembles a wyvern, a dragon with six limbs: Her head, her tail, her rear legs and her forelimbs doubling as her wings.

Like Red, Mirage's voice changes over the course of literature; she retains her normal voice in all her appearances except for The King of Hell where she speaks with a more softer voice akin to Roodaka in Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows. She is also one of four characters to have her voice change with the others being Scarface, Ranger, Charmer (who is the only red fox whose voice changes in literature) and Lady Blue.

When she is sent to Earth for the very first time however by Red to turn Whisper and Charmer against Sasha le Fleur, Mirage's voice changes even more to the voice that she speaks with in the Journey of the Vixen series allowing Whisper to conclude that the Belladonna that Sasha and the vixens appear to meet is a fake.

Even in her real form before she possesses Whisper, Mirage's voice does not change back to the Roodaka type voice she speaks with when she first appears in the story until she returns back to Hell. Instead she has an echoing type voice similar to the voice of Mysterio in the 2001 Spider Man video game and even in Hell, Mirage's voice changes from the Roodaka type voice she once spoke with now becomes a lot more deranged indicating she is starting to lose her sanity. When she comes to Earth however, Mirage does not speak with the same seductive voice that she had once. Instead, her voice goes back the voice she spoke with during the Journey of the Vixen series.


Journey of the Vixen:

Though she is the main antagonist of Journey of the Vixen and its following stories Mirage does not make an appearance in its first installment Journey of the Vixen but she is mentioned by Lord Shen who warns Lady Blue about her and the consequences that will occur if she gets her hands on the Doomsday weapon.

Day of the Tiger:

Mirage makes no physical appearance in the first installment of the series Day of the Tiger, here she watches Lady Blue arrive on the coast of Sri Lanka from the shadows, in fact she watches the vixen's moves from the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Buddhist temple. It is also here where she sends her agent after the vixen whilst also asking about an assassin known as The Tiger.

Sophia later contacts her to inform her about The Tiger and he has agreed in the assassination, Mirage is also informed that Lady Blue is still in captivity however she does not know that whilst this statement is true, the vixen has already broken out of prison and prepares to find the Tiger.

Operation Maharaja:

Having failed to keep Lady Blue in captivity in Sri Lanka and forced to accept responsibility for the failure to assassinate the president, Sophia is made to report her failure to the black cat. Mirage appears more physically this time as a face in the fire that Sophia makes in a Nepali Hindu temple in Kathmandu, when her agent reports that the assassination of the president failed the black cat says that she should be furious at the vixen but just expresses disappointment.

Though the silver vixen awaits the death penalty, Mirage spares her due to her dedication and hatred for the Blue vixen and sends her to carry out "Operation Maharaja". The instant Sophia leaves Nepal the fire containing Mirage's face goes out. Mirage is later contacted by Sophia after the first part of "Operation Maharaja" is carried out and though Sophia is congratulated her face turns to fear as the black cat concludes that the vixen can't send the brahmastra to Kathmandu from Muzaffarabad if she is in Karachi so sends her to Muzaffarabad ready to collect the brahmastra. Mirage's voice later gives clearance for the drivers to take the guns, the brahmastra and unknown to them Lady Blue to Muzaffarabad.

All Animals are Equal:

Mirage appears in her full form as part of a makeshift summoning at the Saint Isaac's Cathedral where she seems to see Princess or as she is known in this story "Natasha" but the wolf later reveals herself as Sophia who presents her with the Sword Kladenets. Though initially pleased with Sophia's success, the cat's pleasure turns to fury owing to the vixen failing to take the brahmastra into Kathmandu after it came out of Muzaffarabad and also her failure to get rid of the blue vixen.

Her rage is also increased by Sophia who retaliates by stating that she hasn't failed her, the silver vixen then explains that whilst the brahmastra is in the hands of the peacock and not the cat, it was her that forced Lady Blue to shoot out the landing gear causing her to perform a belly landing; the silver vixen finally pulls the trump card by stating that Lady Blue is now in the back of an ambulance with severe injuries meaning that she has both failed (in getting the brahmastra) and succeeded (in getting rid of the blue vixen).

As she considers getting the brahmastra both a success and a failure, Mirage unveils her plan to get the Sword Kladenets out of Russia; Sophia will keep the sword overnight then the next day she will send the sword to a blacksmith who will make a fake sword. The silver vixen will then keep both swords overnight then during the night, she will replace the sword with the fake and make off with the real one and as part of her plan; Mirage sends Sophia to her residence.

Once the Sword has been forged, the black cat waits for Sophia at her residence then takes her out into a garden for target practice. The silver vixen destroys three sets of targets with the fake sword which is shown not to be as powerful but it does destroy the targets when she decapitates them all then with the fake sword testing finished, the fake sword is thrown at Mirage's feet.

Sophia then tests the real sword and wipes the targets off the face of the earth. Whilst impressed by the power of the sword the black cat still asks for more training because she wants to see whether any defense or counterattack can stop the Sword. But before the test Mirage decides to let the silver vixen have a rest for half an hour for what will surely be the most punishing aspect of testing the swords: A duel with her.

After completing the standard formalities, Sophia and Mirage fight with the swords and whilst Sophia puts up a valiant defense against the black cat the latter gains the upper hand because she has the real sword. Mirage eventually "defeats" her agent and one time foe when she throws the silver vixen's weapon out of her hand, kicks her to the ground and points the tip of the sword at her throat and keeps it there as she gets to her feet.

The cat congratulates the vixen for the fight and also compliments her further when the two swords are virtually identical and that night vanishes as Sophia prepares the swords for when one sword will stay in Russia and another will come out of Russia. During the fight between Lady Blue, Natasha and Sophia, Mirage's voice orders Sophia to attack exclusively Natasha for the last time in this story.

Mirage of Arabia:

At the end of the events of All Animals are Equal Mirage pays a visit to collect the real Sword Kladenets but once she gets to Sophia's residence it is almost as if she discovers a massacre. As she enters the house she first sees the glass cabinet open and the key inside, then once she gets further inside the house is practically riddled with glass and the furniture is ripped and torn but the nadir comes when she comes across a smashed window in the outline of an anthropomorphic animal.

The cat rushes down the stairs to discover...the corpse of Sophia drenched in blood and surrounded by glass with her once ice blue eyes now turned white. Mirage has an emotional outburst and to prevent her body being discovered sets the corpse on fire and swears revenge on the one animal that she believes has killed Sophia: Lady Blue.

Searching for a new agent to avenge Sophia, Mirage journeys to Baghdad where she comes across a new agent: Maid Marian who at first is not convinced as to why she should help the cat until the cat informs her that Sophia has been killed by another vixen: Lady Blue. Again Marian is still not convinced until Mirage tells her a vivid description of the vixen which impresses Marian despite the fact that the cat and the blue vixen have not interacted with each other and most evidence is circumstantial at best; Mirage finally has Marian on her side when the vixen agrees to avenge Sophia.

During the night, Lady Blue meets Mirage for the very first time after a nightmare where she killed Sophia but she appeared as someone very close to her and knew very well. In this nightmare, Sophia is the victor as well resulting in Mirage cackling that the Sword Kladenets is hers.

The black cat later appears in the city of Baghdad to kill off gnats created by Lady Blue to distract Maid Marian as she flees with Maya Ali to Syria. A furious Mirage berates Marian for being unable to locate Aaron's rod and the fifth component of the Doomsday weapon and also refutes an attempted defense Marian uses; this defense being the capture of the blue vixen and a new one: Maya Ali.

Mirage however decides to give Marian three chances: One to find Aaron's rod, the second to find the fifth component of the weapon and the third for the final component then casts a spell on her sending her back to the weasels, stoats and ferrets. The cat's face then appears from the sky and sends Marian to the same location that the blue vixen is: Syria. Here, Marian tries to negotiate with more terrorists now in the form of minks hoping she can persuade more allies for the weasels and once she does, Marian informs Mirage she has more allies for the weasels so the latter sends the weasels and their allies to Syria.

Search for the Sword:

Alongside Maid Marian, Mirage does not appear in Search for the Sword until the very end where she first appears as a face in the fireplace of Maid Marian's residence at Insole Court in the Welsh capital city Cardiff in the district of Llandaff.

She later appears in a physical form when she appears out of the fireplace to confront Marian about the final component of the Doomsday Weapon. When Marian shows it to her, Mirage is delighted much to Marian's confusion as to why she is so confident about the Doomsday Weapon owing to Lady Blue's far superior record over the course of the journey with four victories (excluding the events of Operation Maharaja) whilst Mirage only has two victories (including this one).

Mirage explains that Lady Blue is not color blind when it comes to distinguishing between red and blue as she has been coming across red and blue during the Red Blue fox feud at Bernwood but she may be color blind in the case of black and white and everything fits: Mirage will disguise herself as the White peacock and steal the other five components of the Doomsday Weapon. With them in her grasp she will bring them to England.

After hearing her plan, Mirage gives Marian the simple instructions of keeping the sword in her possession until further notice. As Mirage leaves, the final component comes into light: Excalibur.

Duel of the Vixens:

Mirage plays a much larger role in the Journey of the Vixen series finale Duel of the Vixens than she did in other stories in the series notably Day of the Tiger and Search for the Sword.

She first appears when the idea of getting the Doomsday Weapon seems to drive her insane as she orders Maid Marian to bring the last component to England where it will be established and possibly even activated; with Marian on her way to England, to Nottinghamshire the black cat puts her own plans into action to steal all the five components that Lady Blue once recovered: The Trishula from Sri Lanka (Day of the Tiger), the Brahmastra from Pakistan (Operation Maharaja), the Sword Kladenets from Russia (All Animals are Equal), Aaron's rod and the Staff of Moses from the Mdidle East (Mirage of Arabia).

Mirage later confronts Lady Blue at Nottingham Castle after the latter kills Maid Marian where she appears in the disguise of the white peacock and forces the blue vixen to hand over the last component. The vixen's suspicions are confirmed when Mirage roars "You have confounded me, for the last time!" and flashes before the vixen's eyes to reveal her true form.

She later tells Lady Blue that the last component of the weapon is effectively in her grasp and activates the Doomsday Weapon converting Nottingham Castle into the heart of the weapon and once it is over, the cat gives the blue vixen an evil smile.

The Doctor mocks Davros - Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks - BBC

The Doctor mocks Davros - Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks - BBC

The Doctor Who scene that Lady Blue's ridicule of Mirage comes from. Taken from Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988. Main scene is from 1:56 to 3:28.

As her smile dies down, Lady Blue tries to tempt her away from the weapon but the cat ignores her and instead rants that with the Doomsday Weapon she could transform Earth's sun into a source of unimaginable power and with that power she could sweep away Vixen and the other animals at Bernwood but as she gets too carried away Mirage finds herself on the receiving end of Lady Blue's disdain as the blue vixen ridicules her which angers her even further. Mirage warns Lady Blue that she could easily destroy her and the Earth causing Lady Blue to lampoon her even more further angering her.

But Lady Blue has been too busy lampooning Mirage that she ignores what she said about Vixen and sensing her chances, Mirage tries to persuade Lady Blue into joining her by her side hinting that if the vixen was to join Mirage then she could share the power that they would have including re-starting the whole red-blue fox feud but in this case it would be the blue foxes who would be the victors, having listened to a raving speech Lady Blue comes to a great sense of in-decision: Domination with Mirage? Or total destruction of everything that ever existed?

Rulers of the Galaxy - Doctor Who - Colony in Space - BBC

Rulers of the Galaxy - Doctor Who - Colony in Space - BBC

The main Doctor Who scene used to make Mirage's ill fated persuasion to Lady Blue to rule the world with her. Taken from Colony in Space, 1973. Scene goes up to 1:52.

Mirage is further angered when Lady Blue gives an evasive response to the decision of domination or extermination and instead demands a simple answer; yes or no? The vixen then shocks the cat when she turns down the offer of absolute power and also stands her ground by stating "I will not join you in your bizarre dreams of conquest!" the cat further tries to convince Lady Blue to change her mind to no avail. After an interruption by a follower of the peacock who demands an explanation, Mirage states that she wants to restore Nottingham and England to their former glory but Lady Blue argues to the follower not to listen to the cat.

After Lady Blue states that unless the weapon is destroyed then Mirage will use it for evil, the cat tries one last time. When she is granted refusal to use it, the cat reduces the follower to atoms in the hope that nothing will change the vixen's mind; but the vixen replies "How many times do I have to tell you?! I have said no! And I mean NO!" and destroys the weapon.

The destruction of Nottingham Castle forces the cat and the vixen into a Nottingham graveyard where the pair are armed with the first and last components of the Doomsday Weapon; Mirage then tries to get Lady Blue to change her mind one last time stating that with the weapon she could have been free from the grief, rage and pain the fox feud caused her including the deaths of her friends, family and her mate but the vixen still does not listen and says:

"You might as well kill me!"
Mirage jumps at the chance and both attack each other, this time Mirage is the winner and prepares to kill Lady Blue as she strangles her whilst laughing with malice and evil at the vixen's suffering. But Mirage intending to force Lady Blue to look into her eyes proves to be her undoing as the vixen wrenches herself free and bites her in the neck causing her to scream out in pain and drop the vixen back to her feet. The vixen then trips up Mirage and rants at her telling her not to talk to her about absolute power because she has experienced it and if she kept the same priggish light she once held her self in Maya Ali would never have been saved.

As the cat gets to her feet, she snarls "So vixen! It is just you and me!" and the vixen retaliates by saying it always was and always will be. The cat repeats herself when she states "Then die, vixen!" only to get a very spiteful "Your wish is my command!" and both engage in a vicious fight where this time Lady Blue exhausts all the energy that Mirage once drained from her when she strangled her; the latter asks: "Who are what are you? Tell me!"

The vixen replies:

"I've waited a long time to say this: I am no common red fox, used to brawling...I am, Lady Blue! And in truth, I'm everything that you never will be! Cunning! Powerful!"
But the cat is not yet finished and declares "To sword!" which is equally savage causing Lady Blue to even retreat (seemingly). Mirage touches on Lady Blue's retreat and calls her a coward; the vixen however sheaths her sword and takes off her belt to finish Mirage off as she actually grabs a tree branch then once Mirage appears, the cat is beaten with the branch which knocks her to the ground instantly. With Mirage downed, the vixen goes in for the kill: The cat's last words become:

"I am lost vixen! And you've won! But even in defeat, the black cat decides her own fate!"
Lady Blue however states that she is deciding the cat's fate for her and so points the Trishula at a downed Mirage. Finally, Mirage dies when Lady Blue uses the Trishula to wipe her from existence...all that remains of Mirage is a pile of ashes.

The King of Hell:

While in other literature appearances Mirage is often paired with Prince John such as in the Anthro Saga and The Rise and Fall of Mirage, she is now paired with Red in The King of Hell where she serves as the tertiary antagonist and alongside Belladonna has also changed slightly:

Though she is still as evil as she was in Journey of the Vixen, Mirage is now a lot more sane but she is now portrayed in a similar light to the Bionicle villain Roodaka in the third Bionicle film Web of Shadows as she is a lot more seductive than she was in other appearances; it is also said that when Mirage first meets Red she speaks to him as if they are married but she is trying to seduce him again.

Her voice is also a lot less aggressive than it was in Duel of the Vixens most notably and again is shown in a similar light to Roodaka and she also copies some of her mannerisms such as calling Red "My King" in an affectionate way just as he calls her "My Queen" also in an affectionate way. Unlike in Web of Shadows however where neither Sidorak nor Roodaka care for each other much, Red and Mirage are shown to be a lot more affectionate for each other and his treatment of her is shown to be very good; like his treatment of Lady Blue in The Return of Steele when he was disguised as Scarface and Harrington's treatment of their henchwoman in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame.

Mirage first appears after Red sends Belladonna to Earth to spread the hell hound formula through Earth, and as he grows stronger she tells him:

"You sound exactly like a Dalek if they ever existed. I LOVE IT!"

After Red describes her as his queen she replies "If ever there was one, Red." and goes on to say that they are actually winning the war that is currently raving between Red and Annabelle. She is also shown to admire Red using Belladonna as a henchwoman and asks him: "After all, that's why you love me isn't it?"

She later joins Red at the same balcony and looks out the window with him and as they look outside, both cats gloat about their potential take over of Earth. Mirage joins Red again listening to news reports about dogs being turned into hellhounds and also joins him in eyeing a map of the world which is almost covered in green (areas where the formula has been spread).

Her joy turns to fury with the return of Belladonna. Whilst the whippet has succeeded in spreading the formula to all but one country, the Queen of Hell demands an explanation: The whippet has come back to Hell to warn the monarchs of Hell that Annabelle has recruited Sasha le Fleur to destroy the formula but Mirage refuses to listen.

She further goes quiet when Belladonna even mentions Sasha's name unlike her husband because she has no experience with Sasha; after the whippet leaves however, Red tells his wife a huge piece of slanderous fiction about Sasha which convinces her a lot.

Once Belladonna has been sent back to Earth, the whippet fills the roles of Mirage and Red for most of the story. That is, until she is sent to Earth in the form of Belladonna to turn Sasha's allies against her; Sasha believes to see Belladonna but Whisper tells her to get away from her because it is not the real whippet and is proved right as the whippet flashes with light to reveal Mirage who declares to Sasha:

Next, she turns her attention to Whisper and casts a spell on her which actually possesses her. Under the cat's influence, the vixen strangles Sasha until Charmer manages to throw her off and as they fight, Mirage vanishes back to Hell where she informs Red that she has isolated Sasha by turning Whisper then Charmer against her.

Having isolated Sasha alongside Belladonna, Mirage returns to Hell where she tells Red that Sasha has been isolated. The King of Hell's confidence is further boosted when he tells her:

"Phase 1 is completed: Sasha's friends have been turned against her...Belladonna will continue with Phase 2."
It is also at this point where Mirage's voice now begins to change as if she is beginning to lose her sanity as she becomes far, far more excitable and cries:

"Yes! It begins!"
Her time finally comes to go back to Earth when Sasha kills Belladonna by drowning her in the River Thames. It is here where her appearance alongside the arrival of Red causes great fear for not only the vixens trapped on top of Saint Paul's Cathedral but it also causes fear for Sasha.

The arrival does not cause fear for Bold because of his headstrong nature nor does it cause fear for Ranger because he has protected Charmer from a member of the Triumvirate in the past due to the events of War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet so sees no reason to fear the Triumvirate's wrath.

Unlike Red who is attacked by Ranger and Bold, Mirage's dragon form manages to avoid the attack and flashes to reveal her true form in front of Sasha intending to kill her for the death of Belladonna. She goes straight for Sasha intending to kill her but the hell hound pulls her trump card: Sasha uses the hell foxes against Mirage having them hold her off now that Mirage is with her.

Seeing Sasha flee from battle, Mirage sees red and turns back to her dragon form to chase her to Saint Paul's Cathedral; as a dragon again, Mirage's firepower is more awesome than ever: Her flame can reach to about fifty feet and can reach extremely hot temperatures as shown when she sets fire to Westminster Abbey causing it to turn red in seconds and melt,

Finally, the dragon encounters Whisper and Charmer stuck on top of Saint Paul's Cathedral and goes straight for them; but she reaches them too late because first Whisper then Charmer have turned themselves into hell vixens and escape Saint Paul's Cathedral just in the nick of time as Mirage sets fire to it razing it to the ground.

Having burned Saint Paul's to the ground, Mirage comes under attack from a newly transformed Charmer tearing holes in her wings causing her to strafe and eventually crash land at Sasha's feet. The dragon turns back into Mirage and it is here where she is accompanied by Red intending to kill Sasha once and for all; she joins Red in gloating over Sasha's transformation into a hell hound when it was the one thing she didn't want to do.

Mirage joins Red in burning London to the ground and attacks Sasha when he is put out of action by not only the hell foxes Bold and Ranger but also the hell vixens Whisper and Charmer and crash lands into the Tower of London. The hell hound and the dragon fight each other all over the skies of London; from the skies of Canary Wharf and King's Cross to Saint Pancras, Oxford Street, Bank and London Bridge and it is here where Mirage vanishes as Sasha lands.

The dragon form of Mirage confronts Sasha again for the last time where she is a shell of her former glory; she now travels at the speed of King Ghidorah or so, her flame is now twenty five feet long and her flame is also replaced by lightning bolt like bolts of energy. She attacks Sasha with them before coming under attack from the hell foxes where she develops greater durability.

At one point, Whisper and Charmer both attack her but she still stands. Finally, Mirage takes off back into the skies to fight Sasha again the latter of whom sends the hell foxes after Red. Dragon and hell hound fight through London again where Mirage is aided by buildings that have been animated by the King of Hell; the buildings are later destroyed by the hell foxes.

Meanwhile, the fight between Mirage and Sasha comes to a close when the dragon bites the hell hound in the throat causing her to scream in pain. Sasha blasts her with magical energy causing her to fall back; the dragon accepts defeat and tries to fly away. While to a degree it does, Mirage dies when Sasha shreds her wings and sends her crashing into the Houses of Parliament.

The Anthro Saga:

Mirage returns in the Anthro Saga where she is another member of the Animalian Junta. Like Aleu and Copper her relationship with Prince John stays the same and she is his wife. Because of this, she is also one of the most powerful animals under Mechanikat alongside Zira and Belladonna.

As the Junta wanes, Mirage tries to flee Animalia and tries to persuade Prince John to come with her. But the Prince is already weakened after a session of slow slicing and eventually finishes himself off with a gunshot through his mouth, as a result the planned escape does not happen and Mirage is arrested with any dignity she had previously under the Junta now up in smoke.

On trial, Mirage is found guilty of 6 counts of war crimes and Genocide and sentenced to 20 years in prison. However she is released to pay her respects to Prince John alongside Hannah to pay her respects to the Sheriff of Nottingham and Crystal to Shere Khan and released for good after she receives a pardon from Hunter. She now lives in Animalia.