Mirage of Arabia
The Great Mosque of Sana'a where Lady Blue is taken by The Arab vixen having been saved from certain death.
Season N/A, Episode 4
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Air date 2016
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by N/A
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All Animals are Equal Search for the Sword

Mirage of Arabia is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the fourth story in the Journey of the Vixen series and the first story in the series' second trilogy which sees Maid Marian as a villain replacing Sophia.

The story is also the longest story in the series as it takes place over six countries: Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Two of these locations are also used in the Surgeon stories: Iran which is the setting for Terror of the Rani and Iraq which is the setting of Land of the Two Foes (Egypt is not counted because it is the final location of the chase).

It is also notable for making the aforementioned Maid Marian an antagonist, something of which that was only supposed to happen in Duel of the Vixens but she was written into the story after the wiki founder decided to kill Sophia off after All Animals are Equal.

Mirage of Arabia is the last story in the Journey of the Vixen series to have an unoriginal title as its title comes from the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia.


With three components of the Doomsday Weapon in her grasp, Lady Blue is sent to the Middle East with the fourth component on a mission to find the fifth one.

But on her journey, she must reach it before a band of weasels and the black cat's new agent Maid Marian all the while keeping a Yemeni vixen safe from harm.


At the end of the events of All Animals are Equal the black cat pays a visit to collect the real Sword Kladenets but once she gets to Sophia's residence it is almost as if she discovers a massacre.

As she enters the house she first sees the glass cabinet open and the key inside, then once she gets further inside the house is practically riddled with glass and the furniture is ripped and torn but the nadir comes when she comes across a smashed window in the outline of an anthropomorphic animal.

The cat rushes down the stairs to discover...the corpse of Sophia drenched in blood and surrounded by glass with her once ice blue eyes now turned white. The cat has an emotional outburst and to prevent her body being discovered sets the corpse on fire and swears revenge on the one animal that she believes has killed Sophia: Lady Blue.


The Arabian Desert.

Also at the end of the aforementioned All Animals are Equal, Lady Blue is taken to the Arabian desert where her landing is a lot more softer than in Sri Lanka or Russia, the latter of which nearly killed her. The instant she gets into the desert, the real Sword Kladenets is not with her even though she knows that it vanished with her which makes her think that Sophia stole it when the blue vixen killed her.

As Lady Blue searches frantically for the sword she passes out from the heat of the desert and in doing so comes across the White peacock who informs her that she cannot find the real Sword Kladenets because it is in his possession something of which greatly fills Lady Blue with relief;

In the real world though, the heat of the desert almost kills the vixen because she is starting to succumb to dehydration due to not filling up with liquid since Russia. Hope however comes in the form of a weasel who finds the vixen whilst trekking in the desert, at first Lady Blue is suspicious but he offers to take her to civilization and whilst he keeps his word the destination is just away from civilization.

At their destination, the weasel offers the vixen a drink and she jumps at the chance taking massive gulps and even causing water to trickle down her mouth and chest and she almost chokes on it. Having taken a drink, the weasel advises the vixen to get proper sleep and when she does she sleeps on the sand.

Whilst the weasel sleeps like a log, Lady Blue has a nightmare about the time when she killed Sophia only this time she had the fake sword and Sophia had the real sword.

Sophia's death unsettles the blue vixen because she appears as someone she knew very well and was very close to which is presumed to be either a family friend or her own daughter; her nightmare ends when she sees the black cat taunting her which ends when she wakes up startled and panting.

Lawrence of Arabia (2 8) Movie CLIP - Ali's Well (1962) HD02:42

Lawrence of Arabia (2 8) Movie CLIP - Ali's Well (1962) HD

The entrance of Sharif Ali that was the inspiration for Whisper's entrance in Mirage of Arabia. This scene comes from Lawrence of Arabia, 1962.

In the morning, the weasel tries to wake her to no avail until he empties the flask of water onto her making her startled which is increased even more by a hazy figure in the distance. When she asks who it is, the weasel seems to sense it as an enemy and it is coming for the blue vixen and so turns on her:

As the figure draws a rifle, Lady Blue's journey seems to end in the desert as her hands are tied behind her back and she is forced onto her knees. As the figure gets closer, the vixen awaits her fate when the weasel rummages for a pistol but is killed before he can get it. The figure is eventually revealed as another red vixen much to Lady Blue's disdain even after it cuts her hands free from her bonds.

When asked her name, the vixen replies "My name is for my friends. And no friend of mine is a common red fox!" something she almost regrets when the new vixen takes off her headscarf to reveal her black tipped ears. After more discussion, the blue vixen believes that the weasel would never have taken her to civilization and so the Arab vixen takes her the rest of the way.

The Arab vixen takes Lady Blue to the city of Sana'a in Yemen where she is amazed by Yemen's beautiful architecture even if she has a somewhat disdainful attitude about it because she thinks that Sana'a being a city is an exaggeration but fortunately she is not spotted with the Arab vixen and even if she is the locals take just one look at her and go back to whatever they were doing.

Meanwhile, the black cat is also searching for a new agent which comes in the form of Maid Marian. At first, Marian is not convinced because the cat has not explained anything about the blue vixen or what she has done until the cat explains about the blue vixen in vivid detail impressing Marian despite the fact that the blue vixen and the black cat have never interacted with each other and accounts of Lady Blue are circumstantial at best.

Fortunately, the black cat does not give too detailed a description of Lady Blue and why Marian should help avenge Sophia's death and Marian agrees to help the cat in an attempt to succeed where possibly Sophia had failed.

Lady Blue's journey through Yemen ends at the Great Mosque of Sana'a where the Arab vixen helps her off the camel and brings her inside to the main room where Lady Blue comes across...another follower of the White Peacock: A cocker spaniel. But the blue vixen does not yet see the spaniel and so tries to flee only to be sent back by Whisper who holds her at gunpoint ordering her to turn around.

Eventually, the vixen complies and in a surprising turn of events is actually given the fourth component of the Doomsday Weapon. The spaniel actually sends her on the orders of the White Peacock on a journey through the Middle East to find the fifth component; but the black cat's new agent has heard everything and so Lady Blue becomes involved in a race to find the fifth component before Maid Marian or the weasels that the latter was seen with in Baghdad.


The city of Aden, the first location of Lady Blue's journey across the Middle East.

The race for the fifth component begins in Aden where Lady Blue finds the weasels and another vixen depart with them in the search for the component and whilst she wants to follow them like she followed the bears in Karachi, the rod is a hindrance because it is not telescopic and highly conspicuous not to mention that she is frightened of leaving it somewhere in case it gets stolen.

Also, the weasels do not shoot any female animals dead so Lady Blue cannot re-dress in their clothing. She does however get luck on her side as the rod vanishes allowing her to undergo a stealthy pursuit of the weasels; and the pursuit brings her to an insignificant house which is strange until the blue vixen finds the weasels attacking the house's sole occupant which very much resembles her own daughter and the treatment of this occupant is enough to outrage Lady Blue and it outrages her even more because there is nothing she can do about it.

The house's occupant is put in chains as the house is ransacked blowing the blue vixen's cover in the process; The weasels open fire on Lady Blue but she fights back killing three weasels and with these deaths the weasels flee with their prisoner and whilst another vixen flees with them the blue vixen stops her escape believing this vixen to be Sophia but pulls the veil off to reveal: Maid Marian.

With her own cover blown, Marian springs back to life and attempts to strangle the blue vixen against a wall nearly asphyxiating her. A nearly asphyxiated Lady Blue drops down seemingly dead as Marian prepares to use a flare gun to set the house on fire and kill the blue vixen with it; as smoke billows out of the house, Lady Blue seems too late to escape from the house as it goes up in smoke.

As she wakes up, the vixen finds herself in the burning house and as she wakes up almost falls back down again. But she recovers trying to find something to cover her nose and mouth to avoid breathing in smoke such as a tea towel but fails due to the heat. Soon her own fears come true and she breathes in smoke which causes the vixen to start coughing and spluttering as she tries to find a way out of the house.

Whilst Lady Blue gets out of the house her appearance is a shell of her glory days: Her once light blue fur which gave her the priggish light which she once held herself in in England is now covered with soot and one side of her hair is black and ashes also affect her making her older than she actually is as the ashes turn her white snout grey and also turn the other half of her hair which is normally dark blue, grey. After she escapes, the vixen almost collapses in exhaustion.

However, she gets her breath back and hearing the sound of the prisoner struggling with the weasels and Marian chases them to the Port of Aden. It is also here where she hijacks a speedboat and races after the weasels much to the shock of Maid Marian who later steals a carbine from a weasel on board, throws him overboard and opens fire; now under fire herself, the vixen rummages for a weapon to use and finds another carbine. As she swerves, Lady Blue struggles to fight off Maid Marian and drive the speedboat at the same time to the point where she throws the carbine away and throws herself onto Marian's boat.

On the speedboat, Marian and Lady Blue grapple trying to throw each other overboard. Eventually Marian throws the driver overboard and races towards the weasels and as Marian does so she knocks the blue vixen out delivering not one prisoner to the other weasels but two in the form of Lady Blue. But the blue vixen recovers and attempts desperately to free the prisoner being reminded of her own daughter, Marian however is having none of it and attacks the vixen again.

The prisoner however is shown to aid Lady Blue as it trips Marian up allowing the vixen to take over the controls. Whilst continuing Marian's journey towards a new civilization, she steals Marian's carbine and shoots out the controls starting a fire on the boat. Marian and Lady Blue jump overboard but the blue vixen helps the prisoner overboard only to later come under attack from Marian who decides that if she can't have the prisoner no one can.

But whilst the prisoner's hands are chained behind her back her legs are free so she uses her legs to keep herself upright. Meanwhile, Lady Blue fights Maid Marian underwater and wins when she forces Marian to the bottom of the sea and swims back up to save the prisoner who by now has started to sink, her legs having given way; the vixen eventually drags the prisoner to dry land hopefully with all the weasels gone.

The vixen drags the prisoner to the nearest part of dry land which comes in the form of the Iranian coast and much to her relief the beach is empty. The water also washes all the soot and ashes away from Lady Blue restoring her to her former glory.

With the beach empty, the blue vixen sets about trying to bring the prisoner back to reality; whilst she carried her out of the water draining enough water from her mouth the vixen instead lies the prisoner on her stomach and searches frantically for stones or rocks to smash the shackles off and once she finds them, Lady Blue frees the prisoner from her shackles when she bashes them off with a rock.

The prisoner is then pulled onto her back where she is still breathing but it is very strained and almost as if she is choking. Lady Blue then hauls the prisoner to her feet and hits her on the back to little success as the beats that the prisoner receives are only powerful enough to release small amounts of water from her body but are enough to bring her back to reality. As the prisoner begins to come back to life, the blue vixen drops the prisoner on the floor and she starts coughing again; as the prisoner comes round, the blue vixen is almost shocked to learn that the prisoner resembled not only her daughter but it practically resembles herself.

As she comes around, Lady Blue also learns the prisoner's name: Maya Ali. When Maya asks the vixen her own name, the blue vixen decides that she can no longer worry about telling her real name because she is effectively talking to another blue fox so reveals her name: Lady Blue. Whilst she worries that this ends up alienating Maya, the latter only gives a small smile.

Reality however hits back with Maya as the blue vixen notices that she is starting to succumb to after effects such as the cold in spite of how hot the country is, and so takes Maya Ali to a hospital. On her way to a hospital, Lady Blue is also given a survival blanket for Maya on her journey to the hospital by a market trader who also tells her of her location: Bandar Abbas in Iran.

At the hospital, Lady Blue tells Maya that her name is indeed Lady Blue but asks her to call her "Asma". After dodging another question, the blue vixen asks Maya Ali what the weasels wanted from her which was the rod and as Lady Blue waits for Maya's recovery she looks out the window to find Maid Marian who she believes is coming for Maya.

Her instinct proves her right when the vixens find Marian at the entrance of the hospital ward where Maya is asked again where Aaron's rod is; Marian is delighted when Lady Blue seemingly hands over the rod but when the blue vixen pushes Marian against a wall the vixens flee and with the vixens gone, Marian tests the rod but nothing happens.

Already nearly out of hospital, Maya turns back round to face Marian and punches her in the mouth much to the blue vixen's concern who later hurries her away. She later informs Maya that she in fact has the real rod as it appears in her hand and the voice of the peacock tells her to grab the rod; fearing for the worst and slowly becoming attached to Maya, Lady Blue tells her to hold onto the rod as well. The rod then glows in a sapphire light and the vixens vanish from the streets of Iran.

The rod takes the vixens to one of the worst countries in the Middle East and one of the most war torn: Iraq. And it also takes them to the worst city in the Middle East ever to live: It's capital city, Baghdad.


The Iraqi flag seen in Mirage of Arabia.

Lady Blue learns the country from modern flags of Iraq hanging from flagpoles and of Ba'athist Iraqi flags hanging from flagpoles as well and learns the city when they pass under the Swords of Qadisiyah also known as the Victory Arch. Whilst also in Baghdad, Lady Blue becomes frightened when she hears the sound of Iraq's former national anthem being sung by Maya who sings it as if she is in a trance.

National Anthem of Iraq النشيد الوطني لجمهورية العراق08:08

National Anthem of Iraq النشيد الوطني لجمهورية العراق

Ardulfurataini Watan which sends Maya Ali into a trance.

As the first verse of the song ends, Lady Blue is able to snap Maya out of her trance and bring her more into the city where the vixens not only see Ba'athist flags but also see, in some cases, the animal portrait of former Iraqi president: Saddam Hussein who is depicted as a Rottweiler.

As the vixens journey further into Iraq, they come across the weasels that they met previously in Yemen who frogmarch them to Iraq's most notorious prison Abu Ghraib where they also come across another animal they thought was stranded in Iran: Maid Marian.

The three vixens get into a heated slanging match which also sees the relationship between Lady Blue and Maya Ali which develops over time as they both begin to stand up for each other; Lady Blue stands up for Maya Ali when one of the Iranian stoats beats her with his rifle and Maya Ali stands up for Lady Blue when she is put in handcuffs and even carries on the fight when all of the vixen's energy and fire in her belly seems to be extinguished by the stoats. In the end, both vixens are imprisoned at the prison where they come across more allies of the weasels: Ferrets.

Once the blue vixens are imprisoned Maya tries to forget the altercation whilst Lady Blue becomes a lot more psychologically hurt by the experience.

Her cries are also signs that the priggish and egotistical light she once held herself in is now starting to go out indicating that her relationship with Maya has begun to change her personality; little does she also know that this part of the journey will change her forever.

Lady Blue's priggish light is shown to go out when she cannot talk about the feud that she and many other blue foxes had when she was in England and when she says that she cannot talk about it is surprised at the understanding stance that Maya takes on it since she expects a far colder response. After some conversation, Maya intends to help Lady Blue escape and puts the plan into action almost immediately:

First she searches for a guard to steal its weapon, next Maya brings Lady Blue to her feet and shoots off the hinge in the middle of the vixen's handcuffs releasing her arms. Then the blue vixen's wrists are freed when Maya shoots off the lock, finally Lady Blue takes the pistol and tries a method of escape that she learned in Sri Lanka when she burst open a hospital ward door to kill The Tiger: She shoots the lock off allowing the vixens to escape.

But the bullet is heard by the weasels and their allies much to the worry of Maya, but the blue vixen does not care and leaves the main prison regardless. Outside, the vixens come under fire from weasels and their allies which now consist of the Iranian stoats and now Iraqi ferrets; they also are chased by Maid Marian who believes to have seen Aaron's rod in her hands.

Marian is proven right when the blue vixen who originally was fleeing from her now turns around to face her. The vixen distracts Maid Marian by bombarding her with a shower of gnats: The third plague of Egypt. With Marian swatting at the gnats, Lady Blue joins Maya Ali and takes her closer to Baghdad where the rod glows with a sapphire light; once again the vixens grab hold of it as it flashes with a sapphire light. And once this light is gone, the rod has taken the vixens out of Iraq to a new location.

If Iraq is a terrible Middle Eastern country, then Aaron's rod sends Lady Blue and Maya Ali to a Middle Eastern country which is even worse: Syria. And again, the vixens learn they are in Syria through flags. When Lady Blue asks Maya Ali where they are, Maya is at first reluctant to answer and the revelation that the rod has taken the pair to Syria does not strike the blue vixen instantly like the revelation that they were in Iraq previously instead taking time to settle in. She is also not so much concerned for the city as she is irritated by the fact that of the four Middle Eastern countries, just about every flag seems to have the same basic pattern: A horizontal tricolour of red, white and black.

The vixen also learns the city not from any monuments but she actually learns the location from Maya who learns it from signposts; and the city they're in is one of the oldest cities in the world: Damascus, the capital city of Syria. Her view on Damascus also changes greatly since her view on the city of Sana'a where she was both disdainful for it to be called a city but was fascinated by its beautiful architecture.

Her disdainful attitude particularly comes in when the locals see her and Maya as a threat and the streets are also littered either with terrorists now in the form of minks or the army in the form of gazelles, Arabian Oryxes and other Syrian wildlife; as the vixens eye Damascus they are soon captured by the army which Lady Blue finds better than be captured by terrorists again like she was in Iraq.

The vixen is present when a mole informs the army about the terrorists planning their offensive with even more allies including the weasels, the stoats and the ferrets and with the information, the blue vixen and Maya soon learn that if they are to find Marian's next destination they will have to act quickly.

As the Syrian Army plan to retaliate on the minks, Lady Blue also plans herself for her and Maya to stop being the hunted and start being the hunters owing to them being pursued by Maid Marian practically every step of the way through the Middle East except maybe for Iran where she was too focused on getting more allies for the weasels to make up for the three weasels that Lady Blue killed in Yemen.

Eventually the minks and their allies bombard Damascus with rockets to act as a diversion so the weasels, stoats and ferrets can enter and hunt down the vixens; the army however fights back and attacks the terrorists; what they don't know however is that they are currently being used as cover for Maya and Lady Blue.

Amongst the terrorists is Marian who flees when Lady Blue gets her in her sights; the vixens chase Marian through the streets until she vanishes. The vixens also are made to vanish this time in a flash of white light which will unknowingly take them to their penultimate location.

The light takes the vixens to quite possibly the largest country in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and quite possibly the most unique country of the Middle East because in stark contrast to Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia is not as violent; Lady Blue however sees that Saudi Arabia is seriously unique: Practically all the animals on the streets are men and whilst there are women on the streets none of them are alone and are accompanied by men. Also in contrast to Yemen, Iran, Iraq or Syria almost all the women in Saudi Arabia have their faces covered with a niqab.

She also learns the city in which she and Maya have been brought to surprisingly by the locals: Lady Blue and Maya Ali have been brought to the city of Mecca and this is shown when the former discovers all sorts of Muslims roaming the streets as if on pilgrimage and it is also here where the vixens discover the final allies of the weasels: Otters on their way to the Grand mosque of Mecca ready to kill thousands of pilgrims.

The weasels and their allies open fire on orders of Maid Marian who is also at the mosque incognito, and in doing so the weasels kill fifty Muslim pilgrims. But Marian herself comes under fire when the blue vixen struggles with an otter and so it inevitably fires on her; with their cover blown the otters, weasels and other animals flee the mosque under pursuit of the army who have been called in.

Lady Blue and Maya Ali chase the weasels to the harbor where it becomes total chaos as some weasels animals are so desperate to get on board it becomes more of a rescue operation than a getaway because some barely get on board and some boats are even overcrowded; seemingly all the boats are stolen by the weasels leaving the vixens stranded.

Or so they think; The army advance on the harbor and open fire on the the escaping weasels. The weasels and their allies return fire killing one soldier which Lady Blue steals a weapon from whilst Maya steals a boat to chase the weasels on; as the chase begins Maya tells the vixen "I'll drive! You shoot!" as the speedboat pursues the weasels hopefully to the last location of the chase.

As the chase begins, Lady Blue comes under fire from Maid Marian and later returns fire but is forced to retreat when Marian calls for support. She later takes over the controls from Maya Ali and tries to avoid the countless shower of bullets and underwater explosions that the boat comes under; after some attacks from the weasels and their allies, Lady Blue has Maya Ali take the controls over again and attacks one of the otters killing it and stealing its grenade launcher. She later uses it to kill several of the otters when the grenades sink their boats causing them to drown.

Maya Ali under the vixen's direction then speeds up to boat to catch up with Maid Marian who by now has thrown the driver overboard and taken over the controls. By now it is just Marian, Lady Blue and Maya Ali on the Arabian sea as they are so far away from the weasels and their allies; as Marian gets close to civilization Lady Blue actually lets Marian get a head start much to the shock of Maya who has never let Marian out of her sight as they get to the last location.

The new location does not appear to be anywhere significant at first because it first appears as a village near the Mediterranean sea, as they get closer Lady Blue had Maya turn off the engine intending to walk the rest of the way into civilization. Once they get onto the beach, Maya asks Lady Blue a question that she left unanswered: How is she so sure that she will get the fifth component first? but Lady Blue answers when Aaron's rod appears in her hands.

Lady Blue then gives Maya a gesture that signify that she is handing over the rod and asks "Onwards?" to which Maya smiles and replies "Onwards!" and grabs the rod. The rod glows with silver light and transports them into the Sahara desert where it is here where Lady Blue learns her location almost instantly: Egypt. Largely because she sees the pyramids of Giza and other Ancient Egyptian architecture.


The Valley of the Kings.

Also, instead of vanishing the rod stays in Lady Blue's hand as it glows with a silver light pulling her and Maya to the pyramids; however once they get there it changes course and takes them to another location: The Valley of the Kings. The silver light that the rod once glowed with now goes out as a disembodied voice orders the vixens to go inside and once they do, Lady Blue gets the feeling that she has been sent back in time to the Ancient Egyptian era as she dwells further into the Valley which she finds to be a necropolis full of the tombs of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

On further exploration, the blue vixen finds the fifth component of the Doomsday Weapon nearby a sarcophagus with its lid slightly open; Lady Blue manages to open the lid and she manages it much more than she would have done if the sarcophagus was sealed. But as she opens the sarcophagus, a gun cocking stops her in her tracks forcing Lady Blue and Maya Ali to stop what they are doing under coercion from an all too familiar voice: Maid Marian.

The appearance of Maid Marian almost loses Lady Blue's friendship with Maya Ali as the latter turns on her and calls her a liar when she said that they would reach the fifth component first; despite her attempts to persuade Maya that she is not a liar Lady Blue's words fall on deaf ears. Her attention however becomes focused exclusively on Marian as she demands an explanation as to why she got there first; Marian's answer horrifies Lady Blue: The black cat sent her to Egypt first and had her hide in the Valley of the Kings waiting in the shadows for the vixens.

Sensing her chance, Marian attempts to turn Maya against Lady Blue even further to even less avail than the latter's attempts to convince Maya to stay on her side: Maya instead remembers her relationship with the blue vixen and stands by her side as a sign of dedication. But Marian reveals she did not come alone as she whistles for her allies to enter the room and surround the vixens.

The blue vixen seems to turn to the dark side when Marian orders her to give her Aaron's rod, but the blue vixen pulls the strings by asking about the fifth component of the Doomsday Weapon striking something in the weasel leader who demands the fifth component. Lady Blue seems to turn to the dark side even more when she gives the fifth component to the weasel leader who snatches it off her; and as he does, the vixen gives out a cruel laugh.

Lady Blue actually gives the fifth component which is the Staff of Moses to the weasels to kill them as they all find out. Once she gives the staff to the weasel's leader nothing happens at first; then it glows with a ruby red light and turns into a snake slithering onto the weasel leader's neck. The Valley glows with an emerald green light as more snakes appear on the weasels and their allies and also on the other leaders, the snakes kill off the weasels, stoats, otters, minks and ferrets by the masses as they die screaming.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - The opening of the Ark - The LORD's vengeance!!04:59

Raiders of the Lost Ark - The opening of the Ark - The LORD's vengeance!!

A more grotesque representation of the deaths of the weasel leader and their allies. Taken from Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981

The leaders die in particularly horrifying circumstances as Maya sees when she cowers in fear as Lady Blue consoles her:

The weasel leader dies quickly when the snake releases quick acting venom into his body, the stoat leader is covered in boils from head to foot which start to swell forcing him to watch the other deaths:

The ferret leader dies with the snake's teeth anchored into his neck, the mink and otter leaders die when their respective snakes spit venom on them.

Then finally, the stoat leader dies when the boils on his body burst releasing blood and pus everywhere with enough force to kill him; with the weasels and their allies dead and the vixens the only animals remaining the Staff returns back to normal causing the corpses to vanish.

With these deaths, Maya slowly relaxes her grip on Lady Blue's waist and lets go of her as the latter states grimly and almost with a sense of disgust "It's over!". Maya then replies that the experience was horrible believing the act to be the revenge of God or as she calls him "Allah", as she tries to cope with the deaths the screams come back to haunt Maya and Lady Blue consoles her again.

After a while, the Staff of Moses and Aaron's rod glow with a sapphire light and vanish meaning that Lady Blue has found the penultimate components of the Doomsday weapon. The sound of the peacock's disembodied voice instructs her to meet him outside where the peacock prepares to take Lady Blue on the next part of the quest but before he can, she has a request for him: To send Maya Ali home.

The peacock first gives the vixens time to compose themselves then after that moment is up, Lady Blue says her goodbyes to Maya as the peacock sends her home. With Maya gone, the blue vixen is warned that if she went with an assistant all the way then her journey would be over but since she has only done it once and is getting closer to the end of the journey allows her to continue.

Upon these words, Lady Blue is delighted much to the peacock's surprise because the first time they met she wanted nothing to do with the quest. The peacock then casts a spell on Lady Blue sending her closer to home to a new location setting up the events for Search for the Sword.

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