Mirjana is a Serbian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Serbian general Dragutin and his wife Dragica.


She is often described as being a spitting image of her mother as she has dark blue fur but unlike her mother who has white legs Mirjana's underbelly is white whilst her full body is blue. Like her friend Maarja ahe is one of two vixens who copy the clothing choice of most female members from an opponent of the Junta as the clothing she wears is also the clothing choice worn by female guards at Majlinka transit camp. Mirjana's clothing choice consists of a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, a black, white and red striped scarf, standard colored tights and high heels.


Whilst Artashes calls Natalya "Esmeralda" because of her beauty Mirjana not only calls Miroslav "Miro" but often nicknames him "Quasimodo" not because of his appearance because the members of the Junta including his parents know that he is a rather handsome fox. She nicknames Miroslav Quasimodo because he is very protective of his girlfriend. Though she is as aggressive and rebellious as her friend Maarja Mirjana is more docile and is able to relax yet has many parallels with her friend.

Despite not being as aggressive as her friend Mirjana is not without cruelty as she and Maarja watch Olivia and Rachel's humiliations barefoot and bare chested and she even takes part as well and is particularly cruel to Olivia. She is also very skilled at martial arts, karate and gymnastics. Mirjana is not only a bully to enemies but she also likes to feel powerful above enemies. Despite the fact she wears high heels on the fells in a dream mare she has Mirjana is surprisingly quick when walking and manages to follow the group up the fells in her shoes alongside others who wear heeled footwear such as her friend Maarja as well as the Polish vixen Monica, the Latvian vixen Laimdota and the Romanian vixen Zoia.

But despite her qualities she is actually a rather soft character and though she knows Natalya loves Miroslav Mirjana is more open and trusting than she is and much more understanding towards Miroslav when the Russian vixen turns on him. She is also very compassionate and good with young Junta children. Though Mirjana is a bully her soft nature often makes her a victim of bullying after the Junta's dissolution by Imogen who she also encounters with Maarja in a dream-mare both vixens have.

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