Miroslav is a Bosnian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Bosnian general Dragutin and his wife Sabina .


At 15 or 16 years of age Miroslav is one of the oldest Junta children. He has darker fur than his mother but lighter fur than his father. Of all the Junta children Miroslav is one of the most militarized of them all as he wears grey trousers and a black polo shirt which he sometimes hides under a Bosnian army jacket.


Like another Junta child Laimdota Miroslav's clothing fits his personality as he is a very military like character and is sometimes always ready for battle. He is also shown to be friends with the Czech fox Alexander and sometimes when the older Junta boys are grouped together he is always shown to be standing next to Alexander. He is also one of the few to have a romantic relationship as he has a relationship with the Russian vixen Natalya and when she takes care of Leopoldo's children Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo Miroslav acts like a second father to them in their father's absence.

Though he has a strong military style behavior and though he salutes Brainy and Krypto when they join the Junta at the end of Trial of the Saluki he does give a traditional salute but he gives a "swing salute" unlike the other members of the Junta who give salutes in traditional ways, but not only does Miroslav acts like a second father to Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo at times but he also appreciates innocence of the Junta babies as well as it's sole kitten Valerie. His relationship with Natalya also makes him a very chivalrous character as well as appreciative of the vixen's good looks but also earns him the nickname "Quasimodo" because he is also very protective of his girlfriend which The Illusionist uses tp his advantage and turns him against her, as well as being very respectful of females Miroslav has a very high sense of honour often being described as being the only serious child in the Junta.

Though he is disturbed by Daniel in the dream world Miroslav has no problem with the Estonian general Arnold and yet he speaks totally like the Green Goblin, his honour is also vshown as he tries to save Daniel despite considerations that he shouldn't saying "Revenge is never justified" as well as feeling that his encounter with Daniel can't end with both Daniel and Natalya gone. However though he is respectful he can often come off as being very arrogant at times especially towards Dragutin his father. All the same though he not only is friendly with Alexander but also other older Junta children in general.