Moira is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic Border Collie who compared to other members of the Union and their allies and enemies wears more energetic clothing. In this case she wears a purple vest, black sports leggings, white socks and running trainers whilst everyone else wears much more formal clothing.


Compared to the rest of the Union Moira appears not to be as cruel or as nationalistic however this is just a cover up as she is very skilled in athletics and gymnastics which leads to her being an agent for the police at times as well as the fact she is very skilled in martial arts as much as anyone else be they in the Junta or not. She also has a very strong rivalry with Nala and as a result is very cruel to her as well.

But despite this rivalry she has Nala released from prison to join others for the bondage shows that the Junta put non for themselves and is also a supervisor for waiting female animals. Her leader Oswald also says that she is a good member but perhaps too ambitious and because of this others start to consider her an outcast and as the Junta implodes she is very slowly drawn of her influence and power, eventually Moira accepts her arrest as well as responsibility for the animal rights violations committed under the regime. As a result of her sympathetic personality Moira is also one of the scapegoats in prison but also one of those released early for good behaviour alongside everyone else who is pardoned by Hunter who also rehabilitates the ones purged under the Junta.

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