Monica is a Polish vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Polish general Wojciech and his wife Anna.


She was named after the daughter of Wojciech Jaruzelski Monica Jaruzelska


She has white fur which earns her the nickname of "Arctic beauty" but what characterizes her is that she has a red muzzle and like many females in the Junta Monica has a more human figure. She wears a grey and white striped dress, standard colored tights and black character shoes.


Because she is one of the older Junta children being around fourteen or fifteen years old Monica has a rebellious streak in her personality and a very slight tomboyish streak as well. One thing that especially her father disapproves of is her love of thriller and mystery film though Wojciech does not necessarily condemn her for liking what she likes instead "You like what you like, I won't force you otherwise", Monica often compares her father to Leonid because compared to Anna Wojciech is relatively more firm on her, however not only does she enjoy the thriller and mystery genre but she also enjoys many older films most of them also being war films showing that she does have a love for adventure. Like Mirjana she is often viewed as a second mother to mainly Josefina but also Santiago showing a rather compassionate side which puts her at risk of bullying from Elektra who tries to capture her when the first Animalian coup breaks out. And unlike most older children she is actually good with the babies carrying Josefina when the Junta children arrive at Animalia in the midst of the Junta's collapse.

Nonetheless she is also a friendly character and shares a friendship with Natalya and the older Junta girls as well as many younger Junta children and the older Junta boys. Her friendship with Natalya alongside her age also makes her part of the "girl gang" in the Junta led by Natalya and alongside them she participates in the concert organized by the Junta and the National Protection Process. She is also shown to be a good dancer as Tibor the brother of one of Monica's friends Stefania says that alongside the other dancers "she sure knows how to dance". But she is also a deeply caring one being shocked when a friend of hers  Aleksandra is tried and convicted for conspiring with the Animalian Junta.