Muhira is an Animalian politician and former solder currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Irish Water Spaniel being one of many Asian dogs to be of an Irish breed and also one to be of an English breed alongside Panteleimon who is of a Scottish breed. In her soldier days she wears traditional Islamic robes and a head robe commonly worn in Islam that shows her face and alongside many female dogs she has a Sub machine gun slung over her shoulder, in her government time she keeps her head-dress but instead wears a dark blue blouse, a black knee length skirt and standard coloured tights. Just as she did before Muhira goes barefoot.


Muhira often sees Fahda as a symbol of defiance not to Saudi Arabia and it's lack of women's rights but even though Fahda is Saudi and the Taliban was from Afghanistan she sees her as just as defiant to the Taliban as much as Zeenat but Muhira is just as defiant as the Saudi dog herself. She is relatively playful but she knows when to get serious. Compared to the Yemeni dog Ali she is un-assuming of the Junta babies asking Ali about whether he is threatened by Santiago, one part of her playful personality is that Muhira loves to tease and play with prisoners as much as her enemies do as well as much as one of the A.P.F's agents Mehriban loves to.

Though she doesn't own as much guns as Elizabeth does she is very good with guns but believes that torture is no answer to anything but sticks with her allies through and through just as much as the A.M.S members do. Just like Ayesha and Rashida Muhira not only manages to befriend many Junta vixens but she is also friendly with many older Junta girls. Lucia also considers her to be better with her children than Ali. She supports the sanctions on the former members of the Animalian Junta and their allies but also supports their release from prison, though she is friendly with older Junta children she is also friendly with younger Junta children. Aside her playful nature she is much more serious in her government time.

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