Nadia is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Mudi and is one of two dogs in the A.P.F to be of a Hungarian breed. In her soldier days she is surprisingly immaculate as she wears a white vest, a long flowing white skirt, knee highs and beige character shoes, in Argentina she wears this but adds a white jacket and a white wide brimmed hat a shell of most female dogs who believe it too aristocratic whilst in her government time she wears the same but wears no hat.


Nadia is often frustrated by the Saudi dog Khalid not because of his personality but because she is woken up by him, fellow Saudi dog Abdullah and the Yemeni dog Faraj tormenting Siad saying to him once they finish singing "I do not necessarily like being woken up at half past six in the morning." Nonetheless she tolerates Khalid and it is not so much Khalid she is frustrated by as it is the Junta babies but she also has a threatening side yet a calm temper but a quick one. Like many others she loves the torment Siad goes through this involves the dreadful singing that Abdullah, Khalid and Faraj put him through.

Though she is Tunisian she is often thought to be Russian because of her name, alongside Maryam, Leila, Tahia and Safia she is also one of five female African dogs. She also often takes part in torturing Siad and cares as much as Aida does of what other percieve of her, very little. Arguably she is just as frustrated by the Junta babies as Gamal though he does not necessarily hate-hate them just dislikes them. Unlike Maja Nadia believes that many enemies have no use to her mainly weak enemies, she loves mocking enemies as much as others also delighting in Siad's execution and trial even if it is fake. Nonetheless she is good with young Junta children and is better with the Junta babies than some allies. In her government time she has little change.

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