Nadine is a Peruvian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Alberto and the mother of Vladimiro.


She is often mistaken to be Polish because like the Polish vixen Anna Nadine has white fur with a red underbelly but what strikes her out is that she also has a red stripe running down her back. In her first appearance Nadine is a normal vixen but in the Anthro Saga she wears a white jumper, a red skirt, standard colored tights and high heels.


Nadine often is shown to be very nationalistic as she often sings nationalistic songs such as "Comrades the Voices" and other nationalistic songs but in actuality towards her son she is a very loving and motherly character and the same goes for her husband as she is loving and caring towards him. To her allies she is fiercely loyal and somewhat aggressively loyal but Nadine is also relatively softer but it doesn't alter the fact she is a very fierce fighter, towards he enemies she is very defiant until Phil supposedly "tames" her then she is much more submissive to him and he often believes in "training" her to be submissive and obedient to him but defiant to her enemies.

Phil also uses Nadine's fear for her allies to blackmail her to obey him and as the female members of the Junta do to their own prisoners he degradingly punishes her and treats her like a slave. His methods of treatment to Nadine include tying her to a chair with rope around her wrists, chest and ankles, making her crawl along the floor, making her beg for him whilst gagged and other slave treatment. During her training he also strips her to her tights and shoes and lets Natasha also treat her like a slave. Natasha orders Nadine to redress then proceeds to strip her to her tights and shoes before making her strip but decides against the idea and redresses and proceeds to treat the vixen like a slave. Nonetheless Nadine manages to escape and stun Phil by scalding him with a boiling kettle and beats Natasha with her own riding crop before pushing her over. Despite her submissive and aggressive personalities she is rather friendly and has friendships with other vixens in the Junta.

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