Nadira is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Animalian Mujahideen.


She is an anthropomorphic Siberian Husky who is shown as being just as traditional as many Islamic allies either in the resistance and not in the resistance. She is also one of many female Arabs who have connections with the Animalian Patriotic Front due to her serving under Ahmed. During her time with Iraq she wears a white sirwal, white robes, a black head-dress and jilbab, black leather gloves and black character shoes but in the Mujahideen she wears more traditional clothing as she now wears a purple abaya, a navy blue head-dress and black boots.


Compared to her former boss Ahmed Nadira is shown to be a lot more nationalistic and it is this that is her greatest weakness as during a rescue operation she gets distracted by singing of Iraq's current anthem even though she has been taught to sing Iraq's previous anthem. Nonetheless she has better social skills with other allies than others and views Arabs as allies yet views a lot of westerners as her enemies and because of this her social skills with Westerners are poor.

She is also well known as she holds both her former boss Ahmed and her current boss Shohreh in great regard, she also respects Ahmed's Yemeni associate Ali and fears him because of his nationality. But even with her Anti-Western personality she does have Western tendencies such as wearing leather gloves in Iraq with Ahmed, she is also very mysterious, religious and traditional but is just as disciplined as fellow resistance fighters. Even though she has respect for her former boss she says "I can't help but find him just a tad eccentric" highlighting the first time they met. Ultimately though Nadira is loyal to the end.

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