Natalya is a Russian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Russian general Leonid and his wife Viktoria.


Although she never has any active service in the Junta she does often participate in the Junta's rallies along with other children of the Junta and many of the Junta's generals wives and also like the children of the Junta she stays with her parents in the Junta's bunker like compound in Animalia. She is also one of the few to have a romantic relationship as she develops a relationship with Miroslav the son of the Bosnian general Dragutin. When the Junta is away as part of Operation Evacuation and Operation Saluki she is one of the vixens and foxes put in charge of the younger children alongside the Junta's wives.


Natalya gets her physical appearence from her mother but she has no distinguishing features like her father and gets his fur colour from him but her fur is much, much lighter. She also stands out from the other Junta children as she does not wear as much clothing as the others simply wearing a white blouse and a pair of tights. Her father has often tried to convince her to wear a skirt as well but she has refused however on occasion she does wear a skirt along with a pair of court shoes.


Natalya has a sense of right and wrong because of her age but she has a rebellious streak in her personality but she acts like a second mother to Leopoldo's children Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo and takes care of them when Leopoldo leaves with the other generals. She is also a very romantic character as well as a flirtatious one. She is also a friendly character and shares friendships with Nicolae and Elena's daughter Zoia and Tatjana and Ante's daughter Lana. She is also shown to be a good singer as Miroslav says "she sure knows how to sing" and is also is one of the few to have a romantic relationship as she has a relationship with him. Artashes often calls her "Esmeralda" because of her beauty and the fact Miroslav is very protective of her. She loves Miroslav but after he ties her up and beats her to death by the Hypnotist's influence her perspective on him changes for a short amount of time. Natalya calls Miroslav "Miro" but when she turns on him she calls him by his proper name.

Like the Estonian vixen Maarja Natalya is a fierce fighter and is very skilled at martial arts and karate as she manages to defeat several Street Autons in a nightmare she has but the Autons on the mountains overpower her and she is forced to flee with Miroslav. As well as being skilled at martial arts Natalya is also very energetic and acrobatic.