Buenos Aires military base is the official base of the organization the National Protection Process. They also have a second base below the Teatro del Libertador Saint Martin in Corboda.

Location and description

The military base is located in Buenos Aires in Argentina thirty miles from the Port of Buenos Aires, there is only one way through the base and that is by road though some can access it by foot however it is a very long walk. The base is a standard military base but it has a lot of changes: All of it's equipment, or most of it's equipment being removed, most armored vehicles out of action and a massive expansion. Indeed the base contains a barracks, a courtyard etc.


  • The base contains a vehicle holding facility which holds the vehicles and vans used by the N.P.P and replaces the tanks and other army vehicles that were previously found there. It is almost reminiscent to a garage.
  • Dormitories. The dormitories like the base is often segregated with males having one bed and one to a room except the N.P.P's leaders Jorge and his wife Raquel.
  • Female rooms are about three to a room and are segregated by nationality which is particularly shown on the walls and room colors, they contain two regular beds, a leather sofa and a sofa bed, a dressing table and both rooms own a wardrobe and a bathroom.
  • The courtyard: This is primarily used to form the N.P.P's women's wing and turn the N.P.P's prisoners from modest vixens into soldiers and secret agents.
  • The armory: Also called the weapons store this holds the N,P.P's weaponry and is also segregated though this is to avoid confusion with female soldiers. The only member who has weaponry in the male's armory who is a female is Jorge's wife Raquel.
  • The base also has two lounges which are not segregated by nationality but segregated by gender, both lounges contain both leather and felt sofas and chairs, a television and other things found in a lounge
  • The meeting room: This is typically set out in a typical board room though it is not used for many formal usage. As such no folders/files are taken into the room.
  • Central Control: This is defined as one of the main operation points on some missions but the only operation it has use in is Operation Hood. It is mainly used for communicating with the N.P.P's navy and accomplices. Control also has a map which shows the position of accomplices of the organization and it's navy.

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