The Dolphin is the codename given to a rescue ship and destroyer used by the National Protection Process


Dolphin was named after the sea mammal of the same name.


Dolphin has a unique distinction in the N.P.P's navy in the sense that it is not modeled off of a destroyer but instead off of a coast defense ship, that being the Ilmarinen. Allies describe Dolphin as the most advanced destroyer in the N.P.P's fleet as it has two radar posts, one for radar systems and the other to jam enemy radar signals, a lot of the N.P.P's allies including the captain of Dolphin describe it as being the most vicious craft ever known.

Other statistics

Length: 305 meters

Crew: 330

Type: Rescue ship and destroyer

Armament: 4 10 inch guns, 8 4.1 inch guns, 5 254mm guns, 8 105mm DP guns, 4 400 mm AAM/56S guns and 4 20mm madsen AA guns

Maximum speed: 15.5 knots

Range: 700 miles

Weight: 3,900 tons

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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