Octopus is a code name for a destroyer used by the National Protection Process.


Octopus was named after the sea creature of the same name.


The Octopus is one of a few destroyers involved in the National Protection Process that is based on a Japanese vessel as it is based on the Akikaze destroyer. In addition to it being a destroyer, the Octopus is well known for its stealth technology despite it being based on a World War II destroyer.

It is also described as literally being an octopus as it is also involved in escort and alongside a few others is described as being invincible as it is also automated particularly on its guns and torpedoes which is also something used for a ship used for a future story used for the Cold War II series used by a villainous organization, possibly the Arab Syndicate.

The destroyer's namesake is also used for the character of the mysterious and villainous Controller from the World War X series and it is also used as the form of his race, the Ittag.

Other statistics

Length: 102.6 meters

Crew: 154

Type: Destroyer

Armament: 4 Type 3 120 mm 45 caliber naval guns, 6 533mm torpedo tubes, 2 7.7 mm machine guns, 16 naval mines

Maximum speed: 39 knots

Range: 6,700 km

Weight: 1,234 tons

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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