The Pelican is the codename given to a destroyer used by the National Protection Process


The Pelican is one of only three destroyers used by the N.P.P during Operation Hood to be named after a bird alongside Albatross and Seagull.


Albatross, Pelican and Seagull serve as not only escort destroyers for the N.P.P but also act as assistance destroyers meaning they back up a ship under attack be it a submarine, a destroyer or a warship however the only ships they defend are their own. It is also supremely made specifically for escort hence why it is never seen picking up any allies of the N.P.P or members of the Yugoslav Alliance, the Pelican is also one of few destroyers to be modeled on a Japanese destroyer.

Other statistics

Length: 360 meters

Crew: 605

Type: Escort destroyer

Armament: 8 203mm guns, 8 75mm anti-aircraft guns, 8 37mm anti-aircraft guns, 12 13.2mm guns and 12 550mm torpedo tubes

Maximum speed: 36 knots

Range: 4,500 miles

Weight: 2,000 tons

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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