Salmon is the codename given to a destroyer used by the National Protection Process.


Alongside some other destroyers, Salmon was named after the fish of the same name.


Salmon is not only a destroyer but it is also an escort ship that is probably among the destroyers used to protect the more vulnerable Mackeral which is not quite so nimble and far more vulnerable. It may be a destroyer, but the destroyer can move like a fishing boat to a degree; it is also unique among destroyers alongside Haddock because both are modeled on escort vessels.

Other details

Length = 77.7 meters

Crew = 150|type = Destroyer and escort ship

Armament = 3 45 DP guns Up to 15 25 mm AA guns, 6 depth charge throwers, Up to 60 × depth charges, 1 Type 97 81 mm infantry mortar|maximum_speed = 19.7 knots

range = 6,017 miles

Weight = 860 tonnes

Users = National Protection Process

Battles = Operation Hood

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