Whiskey class submarine

Bull Shark is the code name given to a submarine used by the National Protection Process.


Bull shark was named after one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, the bull shark.


Bull Shark is said not to be called Bull Shark for no reason as it behaves exactly like a bull shark: For one, Bull shark is often used to scare away spectators and keep the cover of Operation Hood but it does it in a fairly conspicuous way.

It does it in a highly conspicuous way because unlike other submarines such as Sand Tiger and Blue Shark, most of Bull Shark's attacks have been on beaches and it has been known to attack piers and fishing boats making animals too afraid to go into the water. It's divers have also been shown to kill swimmers to maintain secrecy.


Length: 76 meters

Crew: 54

Type: Escort submarine

Armament: 6 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes (4 bow, 2 stern, 12 torpedoes or 22 mines), 1 25 mm (0.98 in) AA gun (Whiskey I, II, and IV), 1 57 mm (2.2 in) AA gun (Whiskey II), 1 SS-N-3 cruise missile (Whiskey Single Cylinder), 2 SS-N-3 cruise missiles (Whiskey Twin Cylinder), 4 SS-N-3 cruise missiles (Whiskey Long Bin)

Maximum speed:

Range: 13,500 miles

Diving depth: Unknown

Weight: 1,080 tons surfaced, 1,350 tons submerged

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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