German Submarine Vesikkoa

The Tiger is the code-name given to a submarine used by the National Protection Process.


Contrary to popular belief, Tiger was actually named after the shark of the same name rather than the animal as is often believed by allies of the N.P.P


It is said that Tiger is not called Tiger for nothing and this is virtually true as it has a pattern like a tiger which is actually white with black stripes leading to some associates of the N.P.P to call it "a zebra craft". Alongside the Great White submarine, the Tiger to a degree possesses the power of invisibility particularly in its stealth mode which makes it invisible even with the most advanced radar system in the world and even invisible to the National Protection Process. Unlike its namesake, Tiger is far more advanced having double the crew, diving depth and speed.


Length: 40.90 meters

Crew: 24 approximately

Type: Attack submarine

Armament: 3 × 53.3 cm (21 in) torpedo tubes in the bow, 5 torpedoes, 1 × 20 mm (0.79 in)/60 Madsen AA gun, 1 × 12.7 mm (1 in) machine gun, 20 mines

Maximum speed: 26 knots, 16 knots submerged

Range: 1,350 meters at 8 knots surfaced, 40 miles at four knots submerged

Diving Depth: 300 meters

Weight: 381 tons

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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