Sei Whale is the code name of a battleship used by the National Protection Process.


Sei Whale may come to a surprise to many allies of the N.P.P because it is named after a whale that would more than likely seem Eastern (the Sei whale also known as the blue whale) and yet is based on a German ship which is the Leipzig.

It's crew and it's enemies describe the Sei Whale as being a mockery of the normally docile blue whale because in battle, the battleship fights off its foes with great ferocity which makes it ideal in battle.

Other statistics

Length: 177 metres

Crew: 534

Type: Warship and heavy cruiser

Armament: 9 15 cm (5.9") SK C/25 guns, 2 8.8 cm (3.46") SK L/45 anti-aircraft guns, 12 50 cm (20 in) torpedo tubes, 120 mines

Maximum speed: 32 knots

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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