Nevena is a former Animalian dissident and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Arctic fox alongside her comrade Oksana who she is considered to be a special agent with, compared to most members of the A.M.S Nevena wears two sets of clothing. On duty and in battle/action she wears a white T-Shirt, blue jeggings, a black leather jacket, black leather gloves and black high heeled boots whilst on occasion she wears a white blouse, blue jeggings, a black coat like a trench coat and black lace up high heeled boots. She wears these sets of clothing in prison.


One of the characteristics of Nevena is that she is said to look like she is always scowling and as a result is far more serious than Yefrosina who she is often frustrated by alongside Alya because of her sympathetic personality, nonetheless she is just as sassy as Aliya and despite her frustration with Yefrosina and Alya Nevena respects them both. To enemies she is often called "a disgusting criminal" primarily by Helena but also Serafina highlighting her backstabbing and double crossing nature and the fact she is just as defiant as Daria. But in Nevena's case no force is needed on Nevena.

In her case when she is arrested she is grabbed by enemies but she refuses to come so she is tackled on the floor and though she is held down with her hands held behind her back no enemy is strong enough to apprehend Nevena so she is arrested by two Cybermen. Nevena is though just as brave if not more braver than any member in the A.M.S because she is one of those who gives evidence during the Junta trials.


Nevena serves under the Animalian military students right through to her arrest and the A.M.S's proscription, after her imprisonment she is rehabilitated by Hunter and during the trial of many of the Junta's members she testifies that the A.M.S during their imprisonment were held in some of the worst conditions "one can go through" and also describes how she and the rest of the A.M.S went through what they went through. Following the last trial of the Junta Nevena is taken to the Animalian Bunker by the Fox Junta where she and the rest of the A.M.S are rewarded for the fight against Mechanikat.

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