Nicolae is a Romanian fox involved with the Fox Junta and the leader of the Romanian faction. He is also the husband of Elena and the father of Zoia.


He was named after Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu


Since he is Romanian he has very dark blue fur with a yellow face and a red underbelly with a dark blue tinge however though he is Romanian some think he is either Moldovan or Chadian. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, grey trousers and a grey Marshall jacket in general but in Argentina he discards this marshall jacket and instead wears a grey and white tie and grey jacket in Argentina.


Much like the Russian general Leonid Nicolae is relatively cynical and has a dry sense of humor compared to his wife or daughter. He is also very impatient at times though what he gets impatient with is unknown, since he is in the military he is a highly experienced leader and fighter but no matter how experienced or skilled he is, alongside other generals in the Junta is forced to retreat when their enemies continue to advance to Animalia but manages to get his daughter free from captivity after Zoia is captured by the Junta during the coup.

He also despises Mechanikat as much as the Armenian general Krikor does but hates the fact he was not tried after the dictatorship because he was killed by his own wife Emily, as well as his daughter Nicolae is also very defensive of his wife and his allies. He can be a frequent critic of justice seeing the Junta's version of justice on Siad as being suitable for him, it is also said that he is just as vigilant as Arnold however he is rather re-assuring even to those he once hated mainly Ioana despite how chivalrous he may be. Like the Hungarian fox Tibor and the Albanian fox Sokol he will also treat others how others treat him and his allies but despite his cynical nature he enjoys being involved on stage. Though he is also married he appreciates beauty and says that he married Elena because of her good looks, in spite of the fact he is very impulsive he is also good with young children and the Junta babies and in spite of his cynical nature he does love his wife and daughter.

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