Nikolay is a Belarusian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Belarusian general Branislaw and his wife Galina .


He is often described as being a spitting image of his father as he has plain fur like other children in the Junta and the generals in the Junta. In this case Nikolay has plain red fur with a white underbelly. In general he wears a black T-Shirt and cream military style clothing when he is in Argentina, in the Bunker and on the streets of Animalia during a dream-mare he has. On the mountains he keeps his T-Shirt but instead wears navy blue trousers and a navy blue water proof jacket.


Whilst Mirjana often nicknames Miroslav "Qausimodo" because he is very protective of his girlfriend Natalya Nikolay knows that Mirjana is not a misandrist but nicknames Miroslav Phoebus because he finds it much more pleasant than Quasimodo. Whilst the Bosnian fox is also close to Alexander he is close to the Armenian fox Artashes yet is much more pleasant than his friend is (event though Artashes is just playing)

Nikolay also hates Belarus' leader Alexander Lukashenko just as much as his mother does but he does not hate him for the same reason Galina does. Instead Nikolay hates him because he is a racist (his parents say) but he does not hate Lukashenko as much as his youngest son Nikolay for unknown reasons and also hates Ilham Aliyev's son Heydar despite Azerbaijan being a long way away from Belarus. Also despite his hatred for them Nikolay is actually good with younger children.

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