Nina is an Animalian politician, former secret agent and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


Despite the fact she is Montenegrin and Rough Collies do not originate from Montenegro she is an anthropomorphic Rough Collie, and it is said that she looks much like Colleen. Depsite this though she does not adapt the Collie's style of dress instead choosing a black leather bodysuit which she wears in her soldier days alongside her allies Mehriban and Asma but she still goes barefoot. In her government time she wears a white blouse, a navy blue skirt, navy tights and black slip on shoes.


Nina, like many others, often sees the Iranian dog Ruhollah as an unlikely leader because of his supposed age and also says he is like Ho Chi Minh and Ruhollah Khomeini merged together because by the time they were famous they were in old age. They were also seen as unlikely revolutionaries. Towards enemies Nina is well known for her extreme defiance and is a very cunning foe.

Nonetheless she is assuring to allies much like the Argentine fox Emilio except the only difference being that Nina still has that strength in assurance. Much like anyone else she is not afraid of enemies, the only ones who are afraid of enemies are Josefina and Santiago which is understandable because they are babies. Like the rest of the A.P.F Nina trusts Hafizullah and Babrak as do others later on, unknown to both dogs Nina is just as fearsome as Hafizullah which makes her very dangerous in battle. Babrak also calls her and her friends very "slick". In her government time though she is much more professional.

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