Nina is a former Animalian dissident and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Central European Red Fox who is involved in running the System's prison with Nadezhda and because of this she is one of the most powerful members of the A.M.S, her role in the A.M.S also leads to her being called a "dissident governor". She wears a light blue latex bodysuit and high heels.


Nina is considered by Tatyana to be just as sensible a leader as her, Roberto, Charlie and Jorge but also considers her to be just as sensible as the National Protection Process's vixens and their leader Raquel. Despite this though she speaks with a relatively soft voice unlike Nadezhda who has a quite more aggressive tone to her voice, though she is only allowed to keep a few Nina keeps a lot of prisoners for herself. She is very serious but also relatively playful which makes her try to gain sympathy from her captors to avoid arrest but no one buys it. Instead most of her enemies accuse her of playing the victim.

Putting her playful nature aside she is one of the main leaders into the last battle against Mechanikat and his Junta and when it comes to battle she is Very serious as she is in general but is considered to be a very competent governor (not that anyone is incompetent) and though she tries to gain sympathy from her captors she accepts her arrest.


Nina is the System's prison governor and has authority over it's guards right through until the very end when she is arrested and the A.M.S is proscribed as not only an enemy of the state but a terrorist organization. Nina is interred with many others in the A.M.S at Bronzeley prison until her release from prison after a period of humiliation and bullying from prison guards which are then Junta collaborators. Following her release from prison she is rehabilitated with the rest of the A.M.S and is rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta for participating in the fight against Mechanikat.

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