Nur Muhammad Taraki

Nur Muhammad Taraki was an Afghan politician and statesman during the Cold War. He was also the first president of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan murdering Mohammed Daoud Khan in the Saur Revolution of 1978.

The presidency of Taraki, albeit short-lived, was always marked by controversies. Taraki launched a land reform on 1 January 1979 which proved to be highly unpopular and, along with his government's other reforms, led to a popular backlash which initiated the Afghan civil war. Despite repeated attempts throughout his reign, Taraki proved unable to persuade the Soviet Union to intervene in support of the restoration of civil order.

His reign was marked by a cult of personality centered around himself that had been cultivated by Hafizullah Amin who was another one of the organizers of the Saur Revolution with Babrak Karmal. His relationship with Amin turned sour during his rule, ultimately resulting in Taraki's murder on 14 September 1979, upon Amin's orders. Though no Arab dogs who are called Mohammed are Afghan many Arabic dogs by this name are named after him alongside Pakistani dictator Zia-ul-Haq.

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