Oleksandr is a Ukrainian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Viktor's right hand man with Petro.


Like his associate Petro he has Ukrainian blue fur with a yellow face but his underbelly is also the same colour as his fur. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a yellow-beige shirt, a brown tie, yellow-beige trousers and a yellow-beige jacket. He speaks with a Slavic accent.


Oleksandr is described as being a lot more patient than Petro but still as warlike as Traian however in spite of this though he is likely to investigate then decide on the course of action rather than Petro who is likely to shoot first and then think. He is also very ambitious having the same taste for luxury cars as Viktor the Hungarian general, sicne he is the right hand man of his boss he is just as close to Viktor as his left hand man Volodymyr is.

He is also a well known double crosser when foes leave him in a room with a fellow Junta member or ally, Olga of the Animalian military students says of Oleksandr "He is someone who will smile to your face and stab you in the back." many allies of the Junta also say of Oleksandr that if he is left alone if an enemy has left him then he will call the chief of police. Though he is not someone who will trust the government he eventually does so when the A.P.F come to power because of the Fox Junta's alliance with the organization. Petro describes him also as someone who offends some individuals and simply doesn't care though he is a little more sympathetic than Petro to the Junta babies, not much just a little and is also fascinated by the chaotic first appearance of the N.P.P in Argentina when the N.P.P snatch younger children and the babies and some attack older children whilst N.P.P vixens take the Junta vixens with the exceptions of Svetlana, Tatiana and Cristina (who is not in Argentina at the time) into custody. Ultimately though Oleksandr is loyal to the end.

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