Olga is a former Animalian student and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic wolf and it is said that she is more revolutionary in her clothing choice because whilst most students dress more immaculately she dresses more like her leaders Tatyana and Gulnara. In this case she wears a black vest, grey knee length leggings, white trainer socks and running trainers.


Because of her energetically style of dress Olga is chosen by Tatyana to organize self defence classes in the System which is appropriate because she is an expert in martial arts and because she is also very skilled in organization she is one of those who turns the school not only into a base but a home during the dictatorship, to her organization she says "Everything must be organized." She is also the leader of the self defense classes with her students consisting of Volha, Nadzeya, Branka, Lamia, Vesna, Dubravka, Dunja, Gorana, Anastasija, Venceslava, Kasia, Malgorzata, Milada, Zdenka, Vladana, Melania, Radka, Grazyna, Asena, Ayten, Damla and Hayrunnisa.

She is well known to enemies for her extreme defiance to enemies as well as her love of power in which case she enjoys humiliations and plans to have most enemies humiliated so much that their dignity is diminished and they will be embarrassed for the rest of their life. Nonetheless she is very close to Yulia and Galina, Galina who is just as fierce as she is if not more aggressive. Though she is a heroine she strongly believes in Survival of the Fittest however thanks to the A.M.S revering the Fox Junta she looks forward to meeting her allies and for some she does. Her friendship with Galina and Yulia is also so close they treat each other like sisters but when it comes to her arrest Olga is just as defiant as Galina on arrest.


Olga serves under the A.M.S until the Junta's last days and the Animalian civil war where she is arrested by the Junta and alongside Galina is one of the most resistant but is more accepting than Daria. After resisting for some time she and a soldier fight which results in Olga being thrown on the ground and the soldier cuffs her hands behind her back, Olga is hauled to her feet and dragged away to Bronzeley and spends the rest of the dictatorship behind bars at Bronzeley. Even though she is not humiliated she is one of the few who is consistently beaten during her time in prison and tortured however the devices used on her are not as extreme as those used on adults. She remains in prison until Bronzeley is liberated by the Animalian Patriotic Front and it's ruling members are arrested. She is rehabilitated and the charges against the Resistance are dropped whilst they are considered heroes after the Junta years.

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