Omar is a former Animalian terrorist and the leader of the Animalian Mujahideen one of the six groups involved in the Animalian resistance.


His name comes from the last name of Mullah Mohammed Omar leader of the Taliban.


He is an anthropomorphic St. Bernard who is often regard as one of the most senior members of the resistance but unlike most leaders even Osama who isn't exactly as immaculate as Hunter, Velupillai or Tatyana are but is nowhere near as disheveled as Omar is. In his case Omar wears baggy brown tattered tweed trousers, a white shirt, a tattered brown jacket and a black turban, this is his only immaculate feature.


Osama is a brutal leader but Omar puts him to shame turning the resistance into one of the most motivated and efficient enemies ever, because many members of the Road Rovers are either American, British, German or Russian he is very wary of those who are Russian because of the Soviet War in Afghanistan and the fact the Soviets also aided the Saur Revolution in 1978 and is wary of those who are of other nationalities because of the current war in Afghanistan since 2001. To some he is a defender of Animalia's freedom struggle with some Mujahideen members describing him as a great soldier and being described as a saint in legend.

To others he is a militant even among the allies of the resistance. But because of the Animalian military students having a very large Russian and Slavic majority he is also extremely wary of the A.M.S members even some who are Turkish, though Osama finds suicide bombings as being too barbaric Omar finds it cowardly, Omar also becomes notorious in the resistance controlled territory for his violence and defense of females one of them being his women's faction leader Shohreh and eventually his own female allies regardless of organization. Omar is also compared to Velupillai because he is extremely secretive and is just as defensive of Shohreh as Velupillai is of Chandrika, to his enemies he is also the incarnation of evil destroying anyone who dares to oppose him as well as enjoying the savage treatment inflicted by prisoners. It is also said that he is so un-predictable and violent that the only leaders who are trusted by him are Osama and Velupillai as shown when the resistance leaders are lined up. The main leaders lined up left to right are Anisa of the leader of the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army, Osama of the leader of the A.R.A, Omar, Velupillai of the L.O.A, Hunter of the Road Rovers and Tatyana of the A.M.S whilst secondary leaders lined up are Khadijeh of the women's faction of the A.R.A, Shohreh of the women's faction of the Mujahideen, Chandrika of the women's faction of the L.O.A, Charlotte of the Road Rovers's women's faction and Gulnara of the A.M.S. Like others he also rules the Mujahideen very well.

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