Orlando is an Argentine fox involved with the National Protection Process and the left hand man of Jorge.


He was named after Orlando Agosti


Seeing as he is Argentine he has very light blue fur to the point where he is often thought to be Guatemalan. Much like anyone else in the military be they in the N.P.P or not Orlando wears military style clothing as he wears similar clothing to that of Orlando Ramon Agosti.


When he accompanies Jorge with Emilio Orlando is always shown standing on the left hand side of Jorge. He likes to think of his allies as equals even though they are a different rank for example Orlando being a brigadier general, Jorge being a General and Emilio being an admiral. He can be very chivalrous at times even to enemies respecting former female members of the former Animalian Junta as well as the vixens in the Junta, the N.P.P's women's faction and others but though he does not exactly have high expectations of things he is rather disappointed when he finds that the Bunker is not all he expected it to be. Orlando expects it to be underground but he does not expect it to be a school.

Much like anyone else he is well known for his repression of prisoners rights believing that their enemies "don't allow rights so why should we?" but despite his pressure he actually manages to succeed in pressuring his leader, Roberto and Charlie into dissolving the defence for Siad's trial. Despite his arrogance though he has the feeling the N.P.P does not belong in Animalia however this perspective vanishes when he and the others visit Animalia after the dictatorship. Orlando is also very good with young Junta children, unlike the Junta the National Protection Process do not scare any of the Junta babies except Valerie when she first meets him.

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