Oswald is a former Animalian politician and the leader of the now disbanded Animalian National Socialist Union.


He was named after Oswald Mosley and has many parrellels with him.


He is an anthropomorphic English Mastiff who is shown to be like an animal version of Oswald Mosley and also wears Blackshirt uniform which consists of a black sweatshirt and black trousers.


Like any other fascist leader Oswald is fiercely nationalistic yet has no problem with letting native Animalians die as he does not consider them proper. He is also a very bold and aggressive character and is the leader of the Union during street brawls. Because he is a dog it is no surprise that he hates Streaky but he has no problem with Emily as the Union and the Junta are close allies.  As well as the other cats in the Junta he also likes Mechanikat despite he is a robot and even the dictator promises that he will rule Animalia with him.

Oswald also has a very fierce rivalry with the leader of the Animalian Patriotic Front Charlie Barkin and in the A.P.F's early days he was also a show off often calling the A.P.F puny compared to the Animalian National Socialist Union often leading to arguments. He is also Steele to Charlie's Balto as he is very arrogant, cruel and vain but also very aggressive and under his direction the A.N.S.U and the A.P.F are the main Belligerents in street brawls however after the A.P.F comes to the government post Charlie manages to get his own back on Oswald by disbanding the Animalian National Socialist Union and after an attack on Emily and other former prisoners of the Junta prison Oswald is sentenced to 6 years in prison.

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