Perinpanayagam is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia.


He is an anthropomorphic Cirsinu who after his time in the L.O.A is described as the most worn down fighter in the organization and in general the resistance. He wears Tamil Tiger style uniform which is immaculate during his time in the L.O.A but following the end of the civil war his uniform looks like it was soaked in saltwater or seawater as it is described as being on the brink of falling apart with black sunglasses. Sometimes after his soldier time he often uses a white cane despite the fact he can see clearly though his sight is still terrible.


Perinpanayagam is shown to be a lot closer to the L.O.A's secondary leader Thillaiyampalam than he is to Velupillai though this does not mean that he takes only the orders of Thillaiyampalam as he also takes the orders of Velupillai, before his time after the end of the war he is described as the most efficient if not one of the most efficient soldiers ever known, like many of his allies in the resistance and outside the resistance he is described as having absolutely no compassion for babies at all and is also very fearsome. He also expects the same lack of compassion from female resistance fighters as well as shown with Bagyam who shows concern after Dadullah has a lot of babies isolated which a lot of other L.O.A fighters also laugh at.

His frustration with Bagyam is particularly aimed at babies after she tells Dadullah they could do something different with babies instead of isolating them to which he says "Bagyam what can we do? All our female troops have tried everything and they still scream, cry and whine.". Thillaiyampalam also describes Perinpanayagam as not only extremely fearsome but fearsome enough to be a fearmonger being just as disciplined as other resistance fighters and expecting the same amount of discipline from his allies as much as Velupillai expects. Like others he declares he will never use children in warfare, both Velupillai and Thillaiyampalam say of Perinpanayagam: "Nothing screams dedication or motivation than this soldier." however in spite of how disciplined and motivated he is Perinpanayagam is relieved that the war is over and he can have a long rest, it is also not just babies he hates but one of the main reasons why he says he will never recruit children is the fact he despises children. Like others he is proud of his alliances to the end, Chandrika also says of him "This is a dog who has fought to the bitter end, and even though he has been proud of war is ultimately relieved that the war is over and he can have a long rest." Sirimavo also considers him having a long rest after the war the best course of action because he is shown to be "Utterly exhausted."

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