Phil is a Tyrannian soldier and a member of the Animalian Junta.


He is an anthropomorphic wolf and is arguably the most recognizable soldier in the Junta because of his appearance. His eyes are yellow and he wears a black T-Shirt and military style trousers but his appearance is much more savage than others. His trousers are torn to his knees and as for his T-shirt his right sleeve is normal whilst his left sleeve has a rip down the middle. Phil also always looks like he is frothing at the mouth and he has a scar on his left eye that looks like he was attacked by a bear or a lion.


Phil is feared in the Animalian Junta for his extreme brutality and rules most concentration camps through violence and fear, he is exceedingly trigger happy and matches many criteria of a psychopath. He is also known for his complete disregard for prisoners lives which pleases Bernard. He has solipsistic beliefs but in this case he does not believe himself to be "real" but the whole of the Animalian Junta.

He particularly is unsympathetic to the Hood sisters Katya, Lucie and Remy and has no problem having the girls being attacked again by bullies and not only strikes fear into prisoners or the Junta but also strikes fear into young Junta children especially Bella, Sebastiano, Guillermo and even the Junta babies. Phil is shown to be extremely hard core and tries a lot to be evil and actually succeeds. In particular his laugh strikes fear into young children.

Downfall and Death

After the Junta years Phil tries to flee but is captured and sent to the Animalian Tribunal. Despite his mind being broken he is not sent to a psychiatric hospital but a normal prison where he is sent to a padded cell but treated like a normal prisoner and much better than his own victims ever were. When Hunter pardons the former members of the Junta the male members are also released and one of them is Phil.

Sadly Phil's instability gets the better of him. On the day of his release and the day he may have had a chance to start all over again the former soldier is found dead in his cell from a gunshot wound to his head. He leaves behind a suicide note saying "Criminals and dictators are made. Not born!"

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