Phillipe is a Belgian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is Wilhelm's left hand fox and is the husband of Elisabeth and the father of the "armored" vixens Beatrix and Astrid.


Now it could be argued that of all the generals Phillipe is the darkest of them all. His fur is black, his hands and feet are red and his eyes are yellow earning him the nickname "The Panther Fox" or sometimes the Black Fox. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white blouse, a navy blue marshall jacket and trousers.


Alongside Giovanni and at times Fructuoso Phillipe is arguably one of the darkest generals in the Junta and also participates alongside with virtually every general in the Fox Junta and every member of the Junta's allies in torturing the Junta's prisoner Siad. "Merciful", "Pleasant", "Inexperienced" and "Nonviolent" are all words that don't apply to Phillipe especially in war or torture, though not as violent as some brutal dogs in the A.P.F such as Aleksander or Maung he is rather relentless almost as much as his boss.

Towards dogs he is not exactly hostile and he does like dogs but he does take a strong stance on some of them, on Maung he says "Leonbergers have a reputation for being kindly towards children and having a playful streak. The savagery and barbarity of this dog makes a mockery of that claim" he also says that Saloth and Ne are brutal but when it comes to scaring children they're nothing because when the babies meet them all they do is show signs of anxiety but when Santiago meets Maung and hears his roar again he wets himself. Phillippe also comments on how close Hafez and Asma are to each other with "They aren't lovers but the strength and determination to protect each other really shows the guts to protect each other.", he also says on Maung "Leonbergers are also often regarded as a gentle dog but this dog makes another mockery of that claim.". Despite his un-repentant streak though he is relatively good with young Junta children but is better with older children than young ones and the babies.

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