Phoebe is a close friend of Abigail 's and a former member of the Animalian Junta


Phoebe is an anthropomorphic Jaguar who acts as a guard at Trebdanek concentration camp . She wears a white blouse, a black skirt and a military jacket with a brown belt across her waist with black boots. She also carries a cattle prod


Whilst Abigail is shown to be a sympathetic character Phoebe is shown to be more misanthrophic than she is and though Abigail carries a whip and participates in mainly beatings Phoebe participates in more torture particularly shocks of her own but is also involved with the Picana. She is also one of the guards involved with the women's camp as Trebdanek. Though she does seem misanthrophic she and Abigail in fact turn on the Junta and fight on the side of the Fox Junta and after Cristina is liberated Phoebe continues her work. After the Junta falls she is arrested by the soon to be Animalian First Lady Charlotte alongside other members of the camp including Belladonna , Mirage , Vitani , Emily , Maria , Abigail , Chloe , Crystal , Daphne , Emma , Harriet, Myra, Maya, Laura, Kerryn, Jane, Melanie, Amelia, Melissa, Narcissa, Nicola, Sabrina, Sunita, Susanna and Tara.

During her time in prison Phoebe also becomes a friend to Emily and at the Trebdanek trials she is sentenced to 10 years in prison but is released for good behavior. Along with other former Trebdanek guards as well as Animalia's former First Lady Emily Phoebe resides in Animalia.

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