Hector occupies the former control tower which looks something like this.

R.A.F Burtonham is a former Air Force airfield that is part of the Animalian Patriotic Front's transport to Argentina during the Junta years. It is run by General Hector Brown

Description and overview

Burtonham looks like any normal airfield and though it does show similarities to R.A.F Burtonwood it is said to look more like the Flookburgh airfield. The actual field itself looks like a normal airfield with the restored runway. The field also contains about 10 Nissen huts which are used to house the aircraft at the airfield and the control tower also acts as a house to one of the personnel on the field. Whilst the other personnel sleep in proper houses the members of the Animalian Patriotic Front sleep in individual tents on the field except Charlie and Sasha who sleep in a larger tent with two rooms but on the last day they move into one of the Nissen huts.

The main aircraft used by the airfield are transport aircraft such as a C-130 Hercules but the main transport aircraft that transports the A.P.F to Argentina is an Avro Lancaster. The members are taken up in the Lancaster, flown over to Argentina and dropped out of what would be the bomb hatch.  

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