Rachel is a member of the Animalian Junta.


Of the female guards she is the most recognizable not only by the fact she is a Jaguar but because of the fact she wears much more relaxed clothing on the same level as Olivia her friend. She still wears similar clothing to other female guards as she wears a white blouse, a knee length skirt and standard colored tights but she treats her workplace as if it isn't a camp because whilst many female guards wear boots or go with bare feet Rachel wears high heeled shoes. At Majlinka her skirt is blue and so is her jacket but at Trebdanek her skirt and jacket are green


She also stands out in terms of personality because she is not as cruel or abusive as Maria, Hannah or Olivia are. Instead she is just as cruel and sadistic as she often walks around the camp waiting for someone to look at her and if anyone does she has them killed. She also carries an electric truncheon and often shocks her personal "pets" with them and also uses an electric shock collar to control her "pets" as well and carries a small hand held device that delivers an electric shock and often a sense of tightness around the wearer's neck. In actual reality her "pets" are actually prisoners who she keeps from death until she tires of them and kills them.


Rachel's use of the device proves to be her downfall as she participates in the fight at the camp alongside Olivia and though she tries to use the device on Cristina one last time Leopoldo wrestles the collar's controls out of her hand, fastens the collar around her neck and activates the control forcing Rachel to her knees.

She and Olivia are later captured as Prisoners of War where they are both humiliated by four girls of the Junta: Laimdota, Zoia, Natalya and Monica and the tables are turned on them both and they are the vixen's own slaves. They are also humiliated by all the girls of the Junta (older girls). After the dictatorship their humiliation continues when they are sent back to Animalia and during the Junta trials she and Olivia are tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison then after their sentence they are both extradited to Tyrannia and tried for war crimes alongside Maria. All are sentenced to ten years in prison but Rachel is the second to be released. Today she lives in Animalia.