Rafael is an Argentine fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the leader of the Argentine faction. Alongside his main leaders Roberto, Alfredo, Augusto, Jorge and Leopoldo he is one of the most powerful generals in the Junta.


Compared to other Argentine generals he has very light blue fur with a white face but one particular aspect about him is his underbelly as his underbelly is a yellow-gold colour and he also has yellow-gold marks around his eyes. In his fist appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie, navy blue trousers and a navy blue air force officer jacket.


Like Krikor in the Armenian faction Rafael expects not only discipline but he also expects punctuality and as he leads the second most powerful faction of the Junta he is just as close to Roberto as his aides are, Rafael is also the leader of the only faction of the Junta in which it's generals are not married. He can often get very impatient but unlike most disciplined generals he manages to control his temper. He is also very, very vigilant taking the laws of war into his own hands.

Compared to most of the Argentine generals Rafael is completely self assured often saying "Stop worrying, everything will be fine." and after one of his generals tells him "I suppose you're right." Rafael responds with "Of course I am.", when it comes to searching he has little to no regard for tidiness in enemy territory mainly in an office or other work place and also in a kitchen. Though self assured he often gets very tense and frantic when searching for things at times, his generals and Roberto alike both say that the only thing that is clean in Rafael's case is his bedroom and his office. He is also noticeably as disciplined as his leader and is not bad or good with young Junta children and the babies but decent with them but unlike Roberto is noticeably worse with them yet has earned respect of the Fox Junta to the end.

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