Raghdad, also called Raghad, is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She was named after the daughter of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein


She is an anthropomorphic Irish Water Spaniel and is the second Asian dog of Irish breed in the A.P.F the other being Ruhollah who is an Irish Wolfhound. In her soldier days she wears traditional Islamic robes, a white sirwal, a brown cloack and hood like Hala, a brown belt across her waist and whilst Rana and Hala wear black boots Raghdad wears brown boots. In her government time she keeps to her tradition of Islam with a headdress but instead wears a dark blue sweatshirt and black tights. Unlike before she goes barefoot.


Seeing as she is a gundog Raghdad is often nicknamed gundog because she is very skilled with firearms mainly pistols. Even though she is Iraqi she is often critical of Iraq at times but mainly of Interpol and Europe for unknown reasons, in battle she is fiercely unpredictable often siding with the enemy to her advantage. Much like other dogs and her own friends Hala and Rana she is very defensive of her allies and the female dogs of the A.P.F. Unlike most animals she believes in ghosts and loves the dark primarily when Hafizullah turns all the lights off in the theatre auditorium except for a torch which he later turns off as well much to the fright of Bella and the Junta babies, Santiago also is heard crying after Hafizullah scares the audience to Branko's amusement but to Santiago's fight.

Raghdad also loves haunted locations but it does not alter the fact she is relatively judgmental primarily of the Russian fox Vladimir as well as the Uzbek dog Shavkat when she first met him, even though she loves Josefina and Santiago primarily Santiago who is very, very easily scared being frightened by Hafizullah she manages to re-assure him alongside the baby's mother Lucia. As well as the babies she is also good with young Junta children also re-assuring Guillermo after he gets scared by Hafizullah as well as his sister Isabella. In her government time she has very little change.

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