Ramash is an Albanian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is one of Enver's left hand men serving with Lahi.


He has red fur and also a red underbelly with black facial markings, he also has black patches on his fur as well. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears light green trousers, a white shirt, a brown tie and a dark green-grey marshall jacket.


Though Ramash never really participates in flying he is shown to enjoy it as much as one of his friends Stefan, he is also friendly with Milan as well and is shown to be a lot more adventurous than Enver often enjoying microlight flying,hang-gliding, paragliding, wingsut flying, parachuting and skydiving. In close combat specifically he often uses a gun but prefers to use heavy and traditional weapons such as branding irons and fire pokers as weapons. Not only however is he friendly with Milan and Stefan but he is also close friends secretly with Janez and Borut who share the true nature he has.

One of these characteristics is that he wishes that during the first Animalian coup and it's aftermath when the Fox Junta prepare to evacuate Animalia Ramash wishes he could have been brought old resistance fighters but his wish is granted when it is revealed each faction of the Junta has several prisoners of war mainly compromised of old resistance fighters, as such he takes pleasure in torture and humiliation of old resistance fighters. During his humiliation it is revealed that he plays the guitar well but is a terrible singer especially when he sings with everyone else, the main song he sings in humiliation to old resistance fighters is a parody of the "Knock off Nigel" song only in the case of females "Knock off Nigel" is replaced with "Knock off Nancy".

Many of his allies also say that he is also not only terrible when everyone else sings with him but is considerably worse when other terrible singers such as Fahd, Abdullah and Faraj since they are also awful singers but he is also shown to be noticeably friendly with Nexhmije though this does not necessarily mean he is not friendly with any other Junta vixens as he is enjoying music more than Janez and Borut especially if one of the Junta vixens sings, sometimes if it is one of the more sophisticated ones like Elisabeth or Silvia but appreciates unsophisticated vixens like Maja singing as well. He is also shown to be a lot better with young Junta children and the Junta babies than a lot of his allies and is just as loyal to Roberto as he is to Enver.

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