Ranger is a character in The Animals of Farthing Wood. He is the son of Scarface and Lady Blue in the series and War of the Wild but in the Anthro Saga he is of no relation to them but his relationship with Charmer does not change.

In the TV series of The Animals of Farthing Wood, Ranger is also the brother to Bounder but his cousin in the books; and like Scarface and Lady Blue Bounder and Ranger are of no relation to each other in the Anthro Saga.

In literature, he is the protagonist of the two-parter War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet and returns in The King of Hell alongside Charmer, Bold and Whisper as one of the four foxes recruited by Annabelle to help Sasha le Fleur defeat the Triumvirate of Evil: Red, Mirage and Belladonna.

In The Animals of Farthing Wood, Ranger is the father of several unnamed cubs but in the Anthro Saga he and Charmer have no children.


He is shown to be much like his father and has the exact shade of fur as Scarface does. Unlike his father however, Ranger has a number of differences: The first obvious sign is that Ranger can see out of both eyes unlike his father who can only see out of his left eye. His cheek patches have an inward notch marking unlike Scarface's whose cheek patches have an outward notch; his cheek patches, his eye patches and his underbelly are all the same color as they are light grey.

On Ranger's head is a large black "blaze" marking which he also shares with his brother Bounder in the TV series that extends to the back of his neck. Perhaps the most unique thing about Ranger among the blue foxes is his fully black ears which he also shares with Plucky in Series 3 of The Animals of Farthing Wood. Like Friendly and Vixen, Ranger's underbelly ends in a round curve and extends to the underside of his tail.

In his original appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears military trousers and an Army jacket much like Miroslav's the only difference being that Ranger's does not have a logo on it.

However in the two parter War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet when he enters the parallel world he is semi anthropomorphic which means that he is anthropomorphic but goes bare like Charlie Barkin as he and Charmer do not exist in that world and that world is only a semi-anthro world where some animals are anthropomorphic but are bare such as the birds under the command of the Grand Duke of Owls and Lord Shen whilst others are anthropomorphic but wear clothing such as Zira.

In The King of Hell, he is a normal fox when he is first introduced to Sasha le Fleur as one of the four foxes recruited by Annabelle alongside Bold, Whisper and Charmer to help her defeat the Triumvirate of Evil: Red, his wife Mirage and his henchwoman Belladonna. When he is sent to Westminster for the first time he is semi anthropomorphic like he is in War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet until the arrival of Annabelle who turns him back into a normal animal so he can chase Belladonna through the city alongside his other allies. When he enters Saint Paul's Cathedral with Sasha and the other three foxes, Ranger is made semi anthropomorphic again.

Scarface from aofw by elezar

A rough represenation of Ranger's face having been turned into a hell fox by Belladonna. Credit to Elezar on deviantart.

As a hell fox, Ranger bares some resemblance to his father Scarface with the matching scar and everything. And like Bold, Ranger's fur also becomes a lot more mangled and hideous and he too becomes larger and more muscular; the scar on his face glows white and also like Scarface, Ranger's claws are far more prominent and he is also a lot more hideous. While his scar glows white, Ranger's good eye glows an orange-yellow colour also like the eyes of Destoroyah.

His tail also turns into a similar tail to a dragon and two bat like wings sprout from his back; Ranger's hell fox roar is now akin to the final form of the Godzilla villain Destoroyah unlike Bold's whose roar as he transforms into a hell fox is akin to the growl of Monster X as it turns in Kaiser Ghidorah.

Destoroyah Final Form Roar

Ranger's hell fox roar.

The scar on Ranger's face as a hell fox continues to glow even when Annabelle breaks him and Bold psychologically so they will attack any members of the Triumvirate of Evil. When the Triumvirate of Evil are defeated by Sasha, Annabelle turns him back into a normal fox alongside Charmer, Bold and Whisper.

Like his parents Ranger's voice changes over the course of literature; Like the other blue foxes, Ranger has a Cockney accent in his original appearance in the Animals of Farthing Wood where his accent is a lot softer than his father's. When he returns in War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet he speaks with a more "normal" tone; this is also the case in his return in The King of Hell. In the Anthro Saga however, Ranger's accent comes back which makes him the only blue fox to have his accent return in the Anthro Saga.


Animal literature:

In animal literature, Ranger certainly has a far more prominent role than he does in human literature because he will have only have one appearance. In animal literature, Ranger is the protagonist of the two parter War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet and returns in The King of Hell as one of the foxes recruited by Annabelle to help Sasha le Fleur defeat the Triumvirate of Evil: Red, Mirage and Belladonna.

It is also in literature where he is of no relation to either Scarface, Lady Blue, Bounder or his un-named sister except his first two literature appearances War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet only where he is related to Lady Blue and Scarface. Following these stories, neither of the blue foxes are related to each other.

War of the Wild:

He first appears to be very unsettled since the end of the Red-Blue fox feud and is first seen being consoled by Charmer and Vixen, the latter of whom asks him what is wrong. He replies that he felt he went into a parallel universe and tells his story. It is at this point where the story rewinds to the time when he was born.

As the very young son of Lady Blue and Scarface, Ranger leaves his pack to go exploring once again and finds Charmer where they become friends. But their friendship is cut short by the arrival of the pair's respective parents; for Ranger: Lady Blue and Scarface and for Charmer: Fox and Vixen, following an altercation the pair are taken back to their respective packs and berated by their parents with Scarface being a lot more brutal and paranoid about Fox.

Years later, he and Charmer are re-united only to be warned of a fight between Fox and Scarface which both of them are helpless to halt. At the end of the fight, Scarface kills Fox which results in her and Ranger being transported to a parallel universe. In the universe, the pair are confronted by an owl (though Charmer thinks the bird is Kestrel) who summons other owls to capture them and the pair are taken to their commanders Lord Shen and the Grand Duke of Owls where they undergo a ruthless interrogation. At the end of this, the pair are imprisoned where Ranger decides to forget the altercation while Charmer destroys a portrait of the universe's dictator.

But Charmer being put in shackles does not seem to change Ranger's mind in escaping from prison as he cuts the bars off the cell window, climbs out of the window and slides down the waterspout before smashing the cell wall open with a sledgehammer so Charmer can leave simply; in the process however he attracts the attention of the birds working with the Duke and Shen and comes under fire. Reality however, hits home with the pair and they collapse nearly twenty miles away from the prison for two hours before heading to civilization.

In civilization, he releases Charmer from her shackles and also discovers that civilization is even worse than the forest when they first arrived at the universe as it is virtually deserted and the same lion portrait is more prominent than ever. As they explore the city, the pair discover a strange device later stolen by a thief who unknowingly activates it causing it to empty the store where he wants it sold. But Ranger eventually manages to recover it only for it to be stolen from him again by Zira who then flees the scene to cover her tracks unaware that Charmer has also climbed on board and saves him from the portal using the bed sheets she gained in prison as a lasso, Zira eventually discovers the pair and kicks Charmer in the back sending her and Ranger into the river.

He and Charmer later turn up outside a mansion giving the impression that they trespass. At first, Charmer sees Vixen and tries to get her attention but Ranger chides her for it. But neither have any time to neither acknowledge or not acknowledge the mistakes as Ranger eavesdrops on a conversation between Shere Khan and Belladonna about a robbery.

Whilst Shere Khan's plan appears to work, he is unaware that the two foxes get there first and in fact meets them before Ranger closes the portal. Once the portal is closed, Zira activates the main glider causing Ranger to lose his balance but grab the generator, just as Zira prepares to kill him Charmer holds her at gunpoint allowing Ranger to escape; right into Shere Khan's clutches causing the generator to fall out of his hands and back into Zira's hands. Shere Khan then prepares to crush Ranger in a bear hug, as the hug increases the fox begins to lose strength to struggle. In the meantime, Charmer is helpless to assist his escape as she is held back by Shere Khan's aide.

Belladonna's arrival however saves Ranger from potential death as she knocks Shere Khan and Scar off their feet as she prepares to do battle with Zira which he comes to see as he recovers. The fight escalates outside where he and Charmer give chase and with Zira downed, Ranger tries to negotiate with Belladonna which fails and results in him almost drowning, he however overcomes his difficulty of swimming and recovers on dry land.

At first Charmer's path goes cold but eventually warms up again at a power station where Belladonna holds Charmer and Zira prisoner preparing to kill them. Unknown to the whippet however is that Ranger has sneaked inside and has overheard everything. First he silences Belladonna and tries to prevent her escape by hurling her glider into a vat of chemicals but Belladonna doesn't care and instead lowers her prisoners into the chemicals and escapes into another dimension.

Ranger tries to save both his mate and the lioness but Belladonna prevents his actions only saving him when she grabs him by the leg. The fox however pushes Belladonna through the portal and back out again as he saves Charmer and Zira from death by chemicals then destroys the generator but though he warns her that if she goes in, she won't come out again his words fall on deaf ears as Belladonna goes in anyway.

He later joins Charmer's side as she berates Zira for her criminal activities and watches as she is taken into custody. Though he gets the feeling that this is not the last time they will meet.

Terror of the Whippet:

Ranger is ultimately proven right a month later when he and Charmer meet Zira in prison, at first he reads her the riot act and is unconvinced as to why she should be free but eventually she is freed and helps him and Charmer defeat Belladonna.

He first comes under attack from the whippet who he believes to be dead and the whippet also sends him on a wild goose chase only to later invite him to a dinner party where he comes across the universe's dictator in his true light but frightened Belladonna will snap retreats from the dining room and causes a fire by using chemicals given to him by Zira. Though Charmer tells him not to go back inside, he goes to try and help others who may be trapped but in the process comes across Belladonna and as a result is captured by her as she takes him to the top of the King's College Chapel in Cambridge but he later manages to escape from the roof by means of Zira.

Belladonna later adapts the form of Vixen trying to get Charmer to avoid him but as Vixen turns into the whippet, Ranger is forced to chase her to Oxfordshire to the top of the Christ Church Cathedral where he also fights her and almost throws her off the roof. But when she takes on the form of his mother, he is forced to save her but comes to regret it when his mother actually turns back into the whippet and blasts him with magical energy, he is further hindered from rescuing Charmer by bombs which release sleeping gas which also affects Zira.

The cathedral comes under attack again by Belladonna who throws the lioness and the vixen off the roof leaving Ranger distraught and frantically searching for her, distraught enough to put him out of action. He is later reunited with Charmer who fell off the roof but into a bush, the pair watch as Belladonna and Zira fight in the skies of Oxfordshire which carries to the Church Christ College. Here, Ranger swears revenge on the whippet just as she activates the portal generator hoping to escape except for the fact the portal now turns into a black hole and begins to suck her into it.

As much as his hatred for Belladonna is evident, Ranger tries to save her alongside Charmer by hanging onto the fountain but the whippet soon becomes truly evil and begins to pull on Charmer's leg only that the whippet is defeated when Zira sacrifices herself and pushes the whippet into the portal alongside herself trapping the pair in purgatory. The foxes look on shocked at what has happened and whilst both traumatized, Charmer's reaction is almost instant and is even more evident when Annabelle appears to take them back into their own world.

Once he and Charmer are back in their own universe, both are overjoyed and whilst Ranger is delighted to be back home and indeed back to democracy reality hits home and he breaks down and cries. He is last seen taking a long rest so he can settle back down after telling his story.

The King of Hell:

Alongside Charmer, Ranger may have appeared instantly in his original appearances War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet but in The King of Hell he is a joint record holder alongside Charmer, Whisper and Bold for the longest absence of a character because alongside these three foxes Ranger does not appear in The King of Hell until Part 5.

In the story, he is the last fox to be introduced to Sasha le Fleur at a cemetery by Annabelle as part of her mission to defeat the Triumvirate of Evil: Red, Mirage and Belladonna. As he is introduced, Annabelle describes him as "Like Father Like Son. Literally" owing to him showing a large resemblance to his father Scarface (only in The Animals of Farthing Wood and War of the Wild) except for his black ears and the absence of the scar that his father has.

And like Charmer, Ranger is also recruited for his courage owing to the events of The Animals of Farthing Wood where he refuses to accept the feud between Fox and his family and Scarface. It is also said that by being with Charmer made the blue fox not suffer the same fate as other blue foxes as many of them died during the Red-blue fox feud (except Lady Blue who appears at the end of Reconciliation crying over the death of Scarface. In Series 3 of The Animals of Farthing Wood he is also shown to be the only blue fox to appear).

He is further revealed not only to have been recruited for his cunning but also his experience with Belladonna from War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet alongside Charmer. Even before he and the other foxes are introduced however, Sasha is told by Annabelle that the mission to destroy the hell hound formula and defeat the Triumvirate of Evil requires not only courage but cunning; something of which foxes are shown to have.

Alongside the other foxes, Annabelle does explain that Ranger has had experience with Belladonna but does not touch on it and also alongside the other foxes he is sent into a portal generated by Annabelle which takes them to the last remaining location not affected by the hellhound formula: The City of London, the capital of the United Kingdom which is the only country not affected by the formula.

While granted the portal does indeed take the group to London, it also takes them to the city of Westminster where alongside Bold, Ranger and Charmer tell Sasha of their experience with Belladonna due to the events of War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet. Then the foxes listen to Whisper's experience with Mirage from Mirage of Arabia and finally Sasha and her experience with Belladonna but also Red.

He is interested by the story of Red alongside the other three foxes but partway through, Ranger feels uneasy as he feels hot despite being sent to London at night. Alongside the other foxes and Sasha, Whisper shouts at the group when she sees purple light in the sky causing all the group to look at the sky in fear...Belladonna has arrived.

At least, that what it looks like because as the light goes out in the sky Belladonna's figure is still hazy and looks like she is still traveling at approximately 250,000 feet; Way too high for any human (or animal for that matter) to see her come. He is the last fox to notice and like Bold and Charmer is almost shocked by her because of the whippet's other appearances (in War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet Belladonnna only wears her collar whilst in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame in the case of Bold, she is a normal dog having no bat wings, leather vest or anything.)

Sasha orders the foxes to chase the whippet through Westminster as the evil whippet takes one look at the group and flies away...but the group has been paralyzed, unable to move their legs which is actually caused by Annabelle's arrival. The whippet apologizes for their paralysis then turns Sasha into a normal dog and turns Ranger, Charmer, Bold and Whisper into normal foxes and once she vanishes Sasha orders the foxes to give chase.

Whilst Sasha gives chase to Belladonna as well, the foxes manage to outrun her due to their agility and this also leads to Sasha being on the receiving end of the whippet's disdain:

"IS THIS THE BEST I CAN SEE?! Even a person running in flip-flops could do better!"

Eventually, the final chase location is revealed: St. Paul's Cathedral where the whippet promptly vanishes albeit leaving the entrance to the cathedral open. It is also here alongside Bold where Ranger expresses a sense of irritation about chasing Belladonna through Westminster to Saint Paul's Cathedral and now she is nowhere to be seen.

Unlike Bold however, Ranger stays with the other foxes and is taken into the cathedral where he is turned back into a semi anthropomorphic animal with the rest of the group. As the group journeys into Saint Paul's Cathedral, there is a great sense of unease in the air; while it is not the humidity experienced when Belladonna came to Westminster, the normally beautiful light of Saint Paul's is now spectral and eerie.

Phantasmagoria - Theme02:22

Phantasmagoria - Theme

The chanting heard by Sasha and the foxes

This is increased even further by the sound of Latin singing which is a shell of the normally heavenly and beautiful singing performed by other choirs at other churches and abbeys as it is now far more sinister and so is the source of the singing: A cult.

Sasha and the foxes journey into the cult where they come across a ritual and it is also here where Sasha's friends start to turn against her; Charmer is the first to be affected, then Whisper before finally Bold and Ranger. As the singing ends, the foxes retreat back to Sasha and watch as Belladonna appears and kills the cult; Purple magical energy stabs out at the cult, disintegrating them and reducing them to ashes. All that remains of the cult are their empty robes.

Ranger further listens to the terrible truth as to what Belladonna intends to do: She intends to use Saint Paul's Cathedral to spread the hell hound formula through the United Kingdom, the only country unaffected by the formula and in the process intends to turn dogs into hell hounds. But it will also turn foxes into hell foxes and vixens into hell vixens and upon hearing about Belladonna's plan derides her along with Bold, Charmer and Whisper.

Sasha drives the nail into the coffin when she declares that Belladonna is outnumbered, but the whippet replies:

"Five of you? I don't think so!"

In doing so, the whippet attacks Bold spurring Sasha to order the foxes to get him outside and into the churchyard. Ranger shows an equal amount of concern for Bold as Whisper and Charmer unlike Sasha who has a feeling as to what is going to happen to him: Bold is going to turn into a hell fox.

Alongside Whisper and Charmer, Ranger tries to tend to Bold as he tries to transform but as the transformation gets worse, Bold lashes out at him causing Ranger to withdraw and watch the final stages of Bold's transformation. The transformation complete, the remaining allies of Sasha are now confronted by Belladonna who tells Sasha:


Sasha and the remaining foxes now prepare to attack Belladonna to no avail, even summoning Annabelle who is forced to retreat again. Belladonna goes in for another attack and uses the hell hound formula on Ranger turning him into a hell fox; unlike Bold's transformation however, Sasha brings Charmer and Whisper away so they do not see Ranger's full transformation.

Once he has transformed into a hell fox, Ranger joins Bold in razing Westminster to the ground. That is, until Sasha summons Annabelle wanting her to turn Bold and Ranger back to normal; Annabelle however tells her that she can't turn the foxes back to normal but she can break the Triumvirate's influence on them and so casts a spell on all four foxes: Whisper and Charmer who are on Saint Paul's Cathedral with Belladonna and Sasha and Bold and Ranger who are pillaging London. The spell in question, breaks the influence of the Triumvirate turning Whisper and Charmer back to normal and breaking the conditioning of Bold and Ranger so they will attack any members of the Triumvirate.

If the spell that Annabelle casts on him does not break Ranger's conditioning so he will attack any members of the Triumvirate then Belladonna's actions certainly do because after a vicious fight through most of London the whippet is thrown through Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament and seemingly brings Sasha close to death when she throws the hell hound through the Gherkin and the Cheese-grater before finishing her off by blasting her with magical energy causing her to fall into the River Thames.

The vixens who are trapped on top of Saint Paul's Cathedral and the hell foxes watch as Belladonna appears victorious and it is Ranger who tries to attack Belladonna but Bold holds him back when he sees movement in the water: Sasha is still alive and the vixens and the hell foxes alike watch as the hell hound attacks Belladonna in revenge and watch as the whippet dies when Sasha drowns her in the River Thames having torn her wings up.

With the arrival of Red and Mirage, Ranger seeks the opportunity to attack a member of the Triumvirate of Evil as he attacks Red by burning large holes in his wings causing the King of Hell's flight pattern to stall allowing the hell fox to grab hold of his arms and throw him onto his back. He continues to attack Red with the assistance of Bold and for a short period of time Sasha.

But Sasha is forced to retreat and in spite of this, the combined might of Bold and Ranger forces Red to retreat. It is also the combined might of Ranger and Bold that somewhat forces Mirage to retreat, particularly when she turns into her normal form and Sasha orders the hell foxes to attack her; but the Queen of Hell manages to escape from the hell foxes' wrath and chases after Sasha having turned back into her dragon form.

As the dragons torch London to the ground, Ranger is responsible alongside Bold and the hell vixens for putting Red out of action and making Mirage fight Sasha at first. Alongside Whisper, he shreds Red's wings causing him to strafe allowing Bold and Charmer to blast him with magical energy causing him to crash land into the Tower of London; but the King of Hell does not care and instead turns himself into his true form and takes over the Tower.

With the Tower under Red's makeshift rule, Ranger and the hell foxes retreat to watch the fight between Sasha and Mirage. But whether it comes will be another story; the fight finally comes but the dragon is a whole lot different: She is now much more graceful, her flame is not as far reaching and her flame is not even fire. Instead it is like lightning bolts; the hell foxes attack Mirage causing her to revert back to her previous dragon form and attack Sasha.

Ranger was been blasted with magical energy by Belladonna in Terror of the Whippet and as a hell fox, the magical energy blasting of him continues when Red casts a spell on various buildings animating them and turning their windows into eyes like the eye of Sauron and in some cases, even the eye appears on other buildings. But he is not the only one who is blasted with magical energy; so are the other hell foxes and Sasha who is already preoccupied with fighting Mirage.

With Sasha fighting Mirage, Whisper takes charge and under her leadership the hell fox destroys several of the buildings that are under Red's spell whilst she takes care of Red. Though one part of the plan is successful as the buildings are destroyed, Whisper is forced to retreat with the King of Hell's words echoing in her ears. She takes the hell foxes to watch the death of Mirage when she is thrown into the Houses of Parliament, destroying it.

As Red arrives, the hell foxes further surround the King of Hell and further watch as he turns into a monster ready to do battle with Sasha and her allies and it is also Ranger, alongside Charmer, who becomes the first to stand up to Red:

He further shows a great sense of defiance as the King of Hell gives out a far greater boast than Sasha gave to Belladonna after she turned herself into a hell hound and further watches as Charmer stands up to the King of Hell in an even more defiant manner:
"This is not your kingdom! These are civilized lands! This is a civilized world! And we will back to Earth!"
Ranger further gets his own back on Red when Sasha orders him and the hell foxes to attack Red; the hell fox blasts Red with magical energy that comes out of his mouth in an attempt to kill or weaken him; the efforts however end in vain and instead Red prepares to use his wings to blow the monsters off their feet.

But Sasha orders the hell foxes to use a method that she saw Belladonna use when she used her own wings on the whippet: As Red flaps his wings, the hell foxes and Sasha also flap their wings and the result is an equally hurricane type wind that blows against the wind produced by the King of Hell.

Wanting a larger battlefield, the King of Hell takes into the skies and the hell foxes and Sasha follow him. Whilst close to Sasha in the beginning of the chase, Ranger is ordered to scatter so he can be ready when he is needed; his time to attack Red comes after Bold retreats and he attacks the King of Hell alongside Charmer; even attacking the King of Hell himself.

In the end however, the efforts prove futile and all the chances of returning Earth back to normal now rests with Sasha. When she kills the King of Hell, Ranger watches on in awe as he falls from the sky and into the River Thames hitting it with enough force to cause a tsunami which Bold further ridicules.

Alongside the other hell foxes, Ranger is alerted of Annabelle's arrival to London by Whisper; but what the hell foxes nor Sasha do not know is that the Queen of Heaven has been to Earth for much longer since the death of Red: His death has caused the end of the war of the nether regions, the destruction of the hell hound formula and the defeat of the Triumvirate of Evil.

The Queen of Heaven has been through the whole world turning it back to normal and restoring cities back to normal alongside the dogs and foxes of Earth turning them back to normal. As she arrives in London, Annabelle further causes it to rain filling up the River Thames which had been practically emptied by the King of Hell; the amount of rain that Annabelle gives is equivalent to about five hundred thunderstorms rather than the four hundred thunderstorms that Charmer believes.

When she arrives, Annabelle is surprised to learn that the monsters she sees are the group that she sent on the mission and sees no reason to help them. But Sasha is able to get the whippet on their side and as such the Queen of Heaven tells Sasha and the hell foxes to go to Westminster Abbey where she has something in store for them; as such, Ranger and the hell foxes are taken to the abbey by Sasha.

Outside the abbey, Annabelle brings back Sasha's memory when she wanted the Queen of Heaven to turn him and Bold back to Ranger and replies that with the Triumvirate defeated, her wish is the Queen of Heaven's command. As such, he is turned back into his normal self (when Belladonna turned him into a hell fox, Ranger bears some resemblance to his father Scarface) but Annabelle also turns Bold and the hell vixens back to normal.

With the hell foxes turned back to normal foxes, Ranger and the foxes watch as the Queen of Heaven also casts a spell on Sasha: She stays a hell hound but she experiences a huge loss in height and loses all the abilities she had as a hell hound except for flight. As the foxes watch Sasha being reduced to a normal enough dog, it is further said:

"If Ranger was the evil fox that Belladonna turned him into when she turned him into a hell fox, then he would take the opportunity to mock her."
Instead, he remains quiet and is told along with the group to go inside Westminster Abbey. Inside Westminster Abbey, the group are ordered to come forward but Sasha in particular is told to come forward even more; along with the other foxes, Ranger watches Sasha fly into the sky for the last time as Annabelle tells her to stop flying because she now casts a spell on her.

The spell is the same spell that she previously cast on Ranger and the other foxes; in this case, the spell turns Sasha back into the beautiful Irish Setter that she once was, in the process however it also wrecks Westminster Abbey because the energy given off is enough to shatter its stained glass windows. As the Setter touches down, Ranger shares the same amount of concern as the other foxes primarily when the newly transformed Sasha le Fleur collapses having lost all the strength in her legs.

While losing the use of her legs, the spell's effects are not quite as bad as Lady Blue in All Animals are Equal when she ends up in a heap on the floor and can't get back up again perilously close to surgical tools that could potentially cut her open. The time of recovery however is shown to be much quicker for Sasha than it is for Lady Blue: Sasha regains the use of her legs in about five minutes while it takes Lady Blue an hour at least to get the use of her legs back.

With the other foxes, Ranger is taken outside under Sasha's orders who in turn is told to take them outside by the voice of Annabelle. In the churchyard, Annabelle tells the group that it is now time for the foxes to go back to where they came from but under Sasha's request, the group are given ten minutes to bid each other goodbye.

Ranger is the third fox who Sasha says goodbye to and unlike Whisper and Bold, he actually bids Sasha goodbye first whereas Sasha bids Whisper and Bold goodbye first. After ten minutes, Annabelle sends him home with the other three foxes.

Human literature:

Along with Bounder, Scarface and Lady Blue Ranger is an animated trans-wiki article as he appears also on The second untermation wiki as an ally of the Eleventh Surgeon in Battle of the Foxes, the finale of the latter's first series. And also along with Bounder, Scarface and Lady Blue Ranger is one of five animated trans wiki articles (Smaug is animated but he is also from a live action film.)

Battle of the Foxes:

Unlike Bounder who is the titular antagonist of Bounder and the Time Lord but never named in the story (although he is named in this story), Ranger is a named character in this story for exactly the same reason that Scarface calls him in The Animals of Farthing Wood:

"He's always ranging."
Reasons behind Ranger's name in this story however are different because he is described as looking more like a park ranger in the form of an animal. In the story, he is first shown watching over the park before being captured by Jenna Lillywhite in the same way she caught Bounder and is taken to the laboratory that Bounder was altered at even under the reluctance of Forbflaith Hennessy.

In the laboratory, Ranger is taken to the same operating theater that Bounder and the other Blue Foxes were altered in only this time, his transformation is shown to be a lot darker as shown here:

""I hope for your sake this works, Jenna." The Surgeon told Jenna. And here went everything; the Surgeon activated the control panel and exactly the same thing that happened to Bounder, happened to Ranger only this time it appeared to be more horrific. Not by much however because at least it didn't rupture his blood vessels but it was like something out of Frankenstein:

Blue volts of electricity shot out at the fox and as they stabbed out at him, the fox screamed in pain as electricity shot through his body, illuminating the whole laboratory and possibly giving away a light signal to Bounder who saw outside the window...and as an added bonus for the fox, this was happening during the evening.

If the Surgeon had been traveling with someone else who was so hideously weak and cowardly then he may have scared of that companion; instead, his companion Amanda and his enemies Jenna, Forbflaith and Katja just looked there spellbound while the Surgeon's face was one of pure determination.

Eventually, Ranger stopped screaming, his face turned fierce and he eventually grew to the size of a coyote just like Bounder. Amanda was watching the fox with fear but she was also watching the Surgeon with the same amount of fear because it was if he had gone insane thanks to the fact he had a teeth bared grin like a Cheshire cat."

After his alteration, Ranger repeats the same actions that Bounder performed after he was altered including scanning around the room before leaving the laboratory ready to do battle with his foe...who is completely oblivious to his presence. Why? Because Ranger is invisible and his presence is only indicated by paw prints heading in Widbrook Wood; the Battle of the Foxes begins when a beam of energy attacks Bounder and who is the source of this energy blast? Ranger.

Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla 304:16

Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla 3

A visual representation of the fight between Ranger and Bounder. This fight would also be used for the fight between Sonva and Sarmeyzmal in the latter's return (fight depicted in Battle of the Foxes starts at 1:41, takes a break at 2:35 and resumes at 2:58 and ends at 3:12)

The fox lets out a great scream and bark as Bounder approaches to kill him. In any normal circumstance, this would be the case but the fox's alteration allows him A) to become more cunning and B) advanced reflexes. As such, Ranger stands his ground and blasts Bounder with an energy blast from his mouth but the fox isn't really affected and retaliates by blasting Ranger with another energy blast which seemingly kills him in one of the shortest fights ever seen or made by the wiki founder.

However, Ranger comes back and attacks Bounder again before killing him with a bite to the throat. The fox finishes his opponent off finally with a beam attack.

The Anthro Saga:

In the Anthro Saga, Ranger's relationship with Charmer continues but unlike in the Animals of Farthing Wood where he was the son of Scarface and Lady Blue he is of no relationship to either of them. In the series, he is a former major in the Animalian Army serving for three years this time in the Middle East predominantly in Syria.

Following the First Animalian coup, Ranger's time in the army does not pay off significantly as his home is raided and whilst Charmer escapes, she watches Ranger's arrest by the Junta. In contrast to other soldiers, he is put on trial alongside other army officials one of those being Jenna, Ranger is tried and imprisoned until Mechanikat has him executed however he escapes and flees to England in Buckinghamshire after being shocked and appalled by the fox collaboration with the Junta, particularly among the Ninth Tyrannian corps.

In England, he is re-united with Charmer, but in fleeing Animalia, Ranger becomes a fugitive until he is brought to Argentina by allies of the National Protection Process and stays there for the whole of the dictatorship until the second Animalian coup where he is one of the main players in the transition to democracy and also oversees the capture of several soldiers in the Junta.


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