Ranko is an Animalian politician and former mobster currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He is also a former member of the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance.


He is an anthropomorphic Serbian Hound and alongside two of his foreign friends Ejad and Zlatko is surprising to other A.P.F members as they wear plain clothes, in his case he wears a white sweatshirt, mauve trousers and a mauve jacket in his soldier days whilst in his government time he wears a white shirt, grey trousers, a grey jacket and a light brown tie.


Ranko is shown to be just as close to the other Serbian dogs as much as he is to Ejad and Zlatko, his previous boss Radoslav describes him as being a natural born leader and fully self assured assuring himself one plan will work which it does so and he and his allies get out of Belgrade and back into the main operations centre where Radoslav and his allies find themselves. Like others under Radoslav he is also someone who has experience in crime and it is this that he tends to use to his advantage, Ejad describes him as a charismatic leader and someone who has led the rough crime life. Zlatko describes him as believing that living the rough crime life in his case was better than learning.

As he works with other Serbian dogs and two of his allies are Bosnian and Croatian he is friendly with other Croatian and Bosnian dogs who serve under Radoslav before joining the A.P.F, due to his charisma Radoslav defines Ranko as one of his finest men and popular with other foreign allies especially Alberto, Jutan, Gustavo and Guillermo, the only country that Ranko and his allies are not popular in is the Netherlands who are one of the main countries who are outraged by the kidnappings and take a great dislike in Ranko and his allies some of whom dislike the Netherlands back. However there is one other organization that Ranko takes a great fascination in and it is the Fox Junta and their allies and as is the case of Ejad with Miroslav he likes Mirjana but she is wary around him in spite of her mother assuring her that he means no harm.

Ranko describes Dragica as well being a good mother to Mirjana and her daughter being a pleasant young vixen though this also goes for other older Junta girls as well and his statement on the Junta vixens being good mothers goes out to other Junta vixens some of whom admittedly are very much wary around most of the A.P.F Ranko included. He remains loyal to his leaders to the end but in his government time is a lot more mysterious.

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