Red, also known as The King of Hell, "Master" by Belladonna and "My King" affectionately by Mirage, is the main antagonist of the 1996 film All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and is one of the many villains to return in the Anthro Saga.

In literature he is the tritagonist of The Return of Steele, a minor character in Search for the Sword and the main antagonist of The King of Hell alongside fellow All Dogs Go to Heaven villain Belladonna and Mirage as one of the Triumvirate of Evil. He could even be classed as the titular antagonist in The King of Hell.


He is an anthropomorphic demon cat with red fur, maroon claw like fingernails, and yellow eyes; in Search for the Sword however, he is described as looking like a cross between a cat and a wolf instead of being demonic like he is described in The Return of Steele and The King of Hell.

In his appearances he wears a blue robe and goes barefoot but after the post coup trials in the Anthro Saga he instead wears a black robe like a judge's robe. He wears his robe until he turns into a dragon and a monster to kill Sasha le Fleur and her allies in The King of Hell, but in Search for the Sword it is not known whether he wears this robe because only his head is shown.

Red dragon by manzanedo-d88gz1c

A rough representation of Red's dragon form when he arrives on Earth. Credit to manzanedo on deviantart.

When Red arrives on Earth to kill Sasha le Fleur after she kills Belladonna, he appears in the form of a dragon; In this form, he is about thirty feet in length with bright red scales, purple eyes and a line of shallow but razor sharp ridges along his back, his tail is tipped with a spike that resembled an arrow and like the hell hounds and fell foxes, two bat like wings sprout from his back. Like the hell hounds and the hell foxes, his dragon form has eight limbs: The head, the tail, four legs, and a pair of wings.

In his final form, Red goes from being thirty feet long to about sixty to ninety feet long with blood red scales and yellow eyes while his original dragon form had purple eyes. He keeps the ridges along his back and the wings that he has as a dragon but the spike at the end of his tail has gone and his limbs are now longer. This is also a technique used for many of the alien invaders in the World War X series, particularly reptiles and amphibians

Like Scarface, Lady Blue, Ranger, Charmer and to a degree his wife, Red's voice changes in literature: In his literature appearances except The King of Hell his voice now sounds like the voice of the Doctor Who villain Azal from the 1971 episode The Daemons even when he is in the disguise of the fox in The Return of Steele whilst in his original appearance it sounded more operatic; Red's Azal-like voice makes him another character to have references to a Doctor Who character in literature alongside Fox's Anthro Saga version who wears similar clothing to the villain Harrison Chase in the 1976 episode The Seeds of Doom.

Red's normal voice from All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 also returns for a period of time in The King of Hell. In his final form, Red now speaks with a very deep voice with an underlying growl, almost akin to Smaug in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and the early moments of The Battle of the Five Armies.

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Search for the Sword:

Red appears in a minor role in the penultimate story of Journey of the Vixen Search for the Sword where he is shown in the same light as the White Peacock and the black cat but here he is not given a name or an alias unlike Lord Shen who is known as the White Peacock and Mirage who is known as the black cat. He appears in the sky looming over Lady Blue telling her that she is in the mountains of Turkey because that is where Attila's tomb is and he was buried in the mountains to prevent his tomb from being broken into.

It is also him who sends Lady Blue on her journey to Attila's tomb, but the whole conversation has been overheard by old enemies of the vixen: The ferrets that she encountered with Maya Ali in Iraq. In Search for the Sword in addition, Red may be shown in an omnipotent light but unlike The King of Hell where he is shown as a villain, he does not take sides.

The King of Hell:

Whilst Red was shown in a minor light in literature except for The Return of Red where he was the main antagonist and The Return of Steele where he was the tritagonist, he now takes on the role of one of the three main antagonists in the horror story The King of Hell; it is also in this story where he is shown in the devilish, satanic and evil light he was shown in in All Dogs go to Heaven 2. Red being shown in the same evil light he was shown in is also a technique used for Prince John in The Curse of Maid Marian and for Bounder in Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes.

Unlike the final moments of All Dogs go to Heaven 2 where Red is sent back to Hell to receive possible punishment for his failure to send all dogs to hell he is now shown as the titular King of Hell almost in the same way that Annabelle is described as the Queen of Heaven. And unlike the Anthro Saga, Red is the husband of Mirage in this story while in the Anthro Saga she is married to Prince John.

In the story, he is shown to be at war with Annabelle which to a degree is not a war such as the Sri Lankan Civil War or the Vietnam War; instead it is shown as a perpetual war like the war depicted in Nineteen Eighty Four or the War of Nerves fought between Spectrum and the Mysterons in Captain Scarlet.

Like Mirage in Day of the Tiger, Red does not appear at the very beginning of the story and even when he does he only appears at first in the shadows activating a death trap for an angel dog sent to Hell to destroy a formula he intends to use on dogs and turn them into hell hounds to take over the world; while this angel dog crosses all his death traps he tries to take the formula only to discover the formula is a fake.

He finally appears in a physical form after the fake formula vanishes and engages in a magical battle with this angel dog. The angel dog manages to protect himself by projecting a force field and using them to ricochet Red's powers back at him, the evil cat is soon met with a brief blast of heavenly energy causing the cat to reel in disgust and just as the angel dog tries to attack him...Red disintegrates him reducing him to dust. After the angel dog is disintegrated, the cat cackles in victory saying that "None shall dare to disturb the Triumvirate now!"

Whilst this actually happened, it is also shown in a video shown in heaven to angel fighters by Annabelle who want to go to Hell to defeat Red, but having sent 347 dogs to Hell and not one coming out alive she calls off the mission to the angels and goes to Earth to find another dog to do the job; meanwhile in Hell, Red is greeted by the hellhound known as Belladonna. He gives her a brief and orders her to spread the hellhound formula through Earth.

However, the formula will only work on dogs and foxes because due to the portrayal of other dogs such as wolves, Red believes he has succeeded to a point and sends Belladonna to finish the job. The formula works on dogs because dogs are not called man's best friend for no reason; like Annabelle says to Charlie Barkin in the first All Dogs Go to Heaven film:

"All dogs go to heaven because unlike people, dogs are naturally good, and loyal and kind."

The formula also works on foxes because whilst foxes are shown in a villainous light such as Honest John, Scarface, Lady Blue (despite the fact the vixen is shown only in a villainous light in her early introduction to Vixen in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame) and Maid Marian (only from Mirage of Arabia to Duel of the Vixens) they are also shown in a more positive and heroic light such as Fox (prominently in The Animals of Farthing Wood), Robin Hood, Maid Marian (notably The Curse of Maid Marian) and Vixen (notably Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame)

Red's desire for world domination soon goes to his head as he declares to himself:

"We are entombed, but we live on! This is only the beginning! We will prepare! We will grow stronger! When the time is right, we will emerge! And take our rightful place...AS THE SUPREME POWER, OVER ANNABELLE!"

His speech soon attracts the attention of his wife and the Queen of Hell Mirage who tells him:

"You sound exactly like a Dalek if they ever existed. I LOVE IT!"

Likewise, her voice attracts the attention of Red who affectionately calls her "My Queen" to which she replies "If ever there was one, Red!" she also tells him that as far as the war between him and Annabelle is going, they are certainly winning, though she phrases it in a way that she talks in riddles. Then finally, Mirage returns the favor of Red calling her "My Queen":

"Certainly, my king. She talks of democracy, freedom and fairness! Those are the creeds of cowards! The ones who would listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. Achievement comes through absolute power!"

Red and Mirage later join each others side where the former puts his arm around the latter's shoulder and they imagine the possibilities of what would happen if their home became a reality:

"Once Annabelle is destroyed, that formula shall create a new race of hell hounds! They will be even more deadly, and we shall be their leader!"

The final words that are actually delivered together that come out of the cat's mouth are:


Whilst Red describes Belladonna as the finest henchwoman that he and Mirage have had, he proves to speak too soon when she comes back. At first Red is furious at his henchwoman for coming back to Hell despite the fact she has turned practically the whole dog population on Earth into hell hounds...until she reveals that she has returned to Hell to warn him and Mirage.

For Red is a feeling of both astonishment because he does not expect Annabelle to have sent someone like Sasha to Earth to destroy the hellhound formula nor defeat the Triumvirate (in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 and the TV series, it is Annabelle who gives Charlie Barkin missions and in the former sends him to retrieve Gabriel's Horn) but also feels a sense of admiration because it will mean that he has the opportunity of going against a new opponent rather than the same enemy over and over again.

He even takes far more interest than his wife because Mirage does not have the same experience as Red and the latter immediately sends Belladonna back down to Earth having told her that they will back her up when the time is right. Once Belladonna has been sent back to Earth, Mirage asks Red about Sasha and the King of Hell tells his Queen a huge piece of slanderous fiction about Sasha.

With Bold and Ranger turned into hell foxes, Red seeks the opportunity to turn Whisper and Charmer against Sasha and so sends Mirage to Earth to do the deed. However, he only wants her to turn Whisper against Sasha because he is confident Belladonna will do the rest; something that is increased even more when Mirage tells him that Sasha has been isolated:

"Phase 1 is completed: Sasha's friends have been turned against her...Belladonna will continue with Phase 2."

It is at this point where Mirage begins to lose her sanity as she hisses:

"Yes! It begins..."

The time finally comes when Sasha kills Belladonna by drowning her in the River Thames; when his wife tells him she wants to go back to Earth, Red replies that her wish is his command and tells her:

"Today, Belladonna's life has ended! Consumed in a fire of war! BUT from her ashes, will have risen a new race! The supreme creature! The ultimate conqueror of the universe! THE HELLHOUNDS!"

Finally, he opens a portal to Earth and the pair journey into it where they appear in the sky in the form of dragons and whilst Mirage manages to avoid the wrath of the hell foxes, Red is not so lucky as Ranger shoots him down by tearing holes in his wings allowing the fox to grab his arms and throw him onto his back; he puts up a great fight against the hell foxes but is forced to retreat.

However, once Whisper and Charmer have turned themselves into hell vixens, Red comes back with Mirage to kill Sasha once and for all, gloating:

"Oh, your life is a pity now Sasha! Your friends are turned into hell foxes! And you, yourself, are a hell hound! The one thing you tried not to be!"
Sasha however touches on the destruction of the hell hound formula to which Red decides that the world shall still fall because he and Mirage will raze England to the ground; the hell hound formula may have failed, but England shall join the countless countries turned into a hell on Earth.

He and Mirage turn back into dragons and torch London to the ground and it is here where Red comes under attack again; not only from Bold and Ranger but the whole cavalry. His wings become shredded by Whisper and Ranger and he is blasted with magical energy by Bold and Charmer causing him to crash land into the Tower of London; but the King of Hell does not care and instead takes over the castle to watch the fight between his wife and Sasha.

Red aides his wife by casting a spell on various buildings which turn their windows into eyes like the eye of Sauron and even sprouting eyes on top of the rooftops. The eyes attack Sasha but are put out of action by the hell foxes under the orders of Whisper, Red himself also comes under attack from Whisper but she is forced to retreat with these words echoing in her ears:

"I am fire! I am...DEATH!"
He further witnesses the death of his wife and it is here that causes him to confront Sasha and her friends personally and face to face. Hist last words are:

"Now, you shall deal with me, Sasha! And all the powers of HELL!"
With these words, Sasha and the hell foxes watch on in horror as Red turns into an even more ferocious and deadly monster than his previous dragon form finally preparing to do battle with the hell hound and the hell foxes:

"Finally, the King of Hell vanished in a flash of light. The hell foxes and Sasha watched on as in another flash of light came Red's final dragon form; a dragon even more ferocious and evil than the first one and soon to be an even more powerful dragon than ever before.

His original form was thirty feet long; his final form was about sixty to ninety feet long with blood red scales, yellow eyes, and a line of shallow but razor sharp ridges along its back. The monster now stood on two legs and it towered over Sasha and the hell foxes and two wings sprouted out of its back. Its legs were longer and so were its arms...this was Red's final form."

As the hell foxes surround Red, Sasha declares that he is now on his own and whilst the group may be monsters they are still together. And when they are together, they are a match for him; he also appears to be angered by Ranger who stands up to him when the hell fox tells him that they will take back Earth for the dogs.

The dragon gives out an even more greater boast than Sasha telling them:

"You, will take NOTHING from me, canines! I laid low the world's foxes and dogI instill terror in the hearts of dogs! king, of THE UNDERWORLD!"
Sasha still stands up to him along with the other hell foxes, but this time she allows Charmer the opportunity to stand up to him, and when she does Red declares that he is all powerful and the group are fools to challenge him. Even when he is told that he is outnumbered 1:5, the King of Hell is still confident about ruling the world and tells Sasha:

"You have nothing left, but your DEATH!"
He then tells the hell hound to give him all she has got, and give him all she has got is exactly what Sasha does as she blasts him with magical energy but the attack has no effect on him. He then blasts her with magical energy but she deflects the attack with a force field and orders the hell foxes to attack him with energy which they do; again, to no avail.

The King of Hell now decides to change tactics and instead flaps his wings to generate a hurricane in an attempt to knock the monsters off their feet but Sasha orders the hell foxes to flap their own wings and they obey generating a very strong counter wind which keeps them upright. The power of the monster's wings now begin to subside and Red now wants a larger battlefield so he takes off for the skies and Sasha and the hell foxes follow him.

In the skies, Red is pursued through the city of London and in the air, Sasha orders the hell foxes to scatter because if they are all clumped together they make themselves a huge target and if they are scattered they make themselves much smaller targets; the hell hound now prepares to make her move. She flies in to Red and knocks both him and herself out of the sky but both quickly regain their composure.

On the ground, Sasha and Red blast each other with magical energy and this time Red is the victor when he throws Sasha off her feet and prepares to strangle her; only the timely intervention of Whisper saves her life as she gives out a fairly weak kick but at the same time, the hell vixen gives out a fairly strong kick: If the hell vixen wanted to kick Red onto his back then the force she gives at his back is pathetic but if she wanted to grab his attention then the power in her kick is excellent.

And get Red's attention is what Whisper does as he drops Sasha from his grasp and she watches as he chases Whisper through London. When she was a normal vixen, Whisper was recruited for her stealth and as a hell vixen she is far more stealthy as she plays a huge game with the King of Hell as there are occasions when she becomes invisible and reappears behind Red so he decides to wait until she becomes visible again and when she does, Whisper goes straight for Red allowing him to grab her throat and possibly throw her onto her back.

But the timely intervention of Bold saves the vixen's life as the hell fox blasts him with magical energy and a massive fight emerges between Bold, Red and Whisper. He is further forced into a retreat when Bold aided by Charmer blasts him with magical energy; this time Red, goes straight for Charmer.

In the air, Charmer waits for Red to come for her and when he does, she blasts him with magical energy sending him back to the ground. She too lands and as the King of Hell tries to get to his feet, the hell vixen flaps her wings at him to generate a hurricane type wind; but Red also flaps his wings and keeps himself upright. He further comes under attack from Ranger but for all the attacks he goes under, nothing seems to work...until Whisper tells Sasha of Red's only weak spot which is on the left side of his chest and tells her:

"If you can hit that, then you hit him!"

Sasha and Red prepare to fight one last time defending their corners with great ferocity and using far more of their powers; for example: Bolts of electricity are shown blasting from the King of Hell's wings and attacking Sasha whilst Sasha finally is able to kill Red when he declares:

"You have nothing left, but your DEATH!"

Smaug's Death - The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies03:54

Smaug's Death - The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

A representation of Red's death in The King of Hell.

As he goes for Sasha, she blows a thin jet of fire into his bare patch causing a very dramatic reaction from Red and kills him in the same way that Smaug dies in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: He lets out one last screech type roar and collapses into the City of London knocking down the London Eye in the process alongside other buildings. He tries to take off again and though he succeeds, he bashes his leg on Tower Bridge causing it to go lame.

In the sky, Red claws the sky and more high up in the sky he chokes his last and a suffocated Red falls back down to Earth in the same place that Belladonna died: The River Thames. His body hits the water with such force to cause a tsunami which practically empties the Thames; with the King of Hell dead, the Triumvirate of Evil is no more and his death also brings an end to the war of the nether regions.

The Anthro Saga

Red returns in the Anthro Saga serving under Mechanikat as the deputy prime minister which is a strange position as he serves under Oswald who is a dog and he is a cat and is also a greater curiosity owing to his hatred of dogs. While Mechanikat is dictator, it is Red whose image is shown in Animalia "watching" the whole country in a Big Brother style fashion. Before he becomes the deputy prime minister though he is one of the judges alongside Shere Khan, Prince John and Lord Shen of the post coup trials.


The "Eye of Red" seen around Animalia.

At the heart of this makeshift personality cult includes Red's image being posted particularly in schools owing to his persuasive-ness and his voice also makes good use on radio. Thus, Mechanikat eventually strips him of his deputy prime minister role and instead brings him to the head of the media where he enjoys a lengthy time on the radio until the end of the dictatorship as well as having a friendship with Scarface, one of the dictatorship's most respected officials. As part of a purge he destroys tapes, recordings, etc. with explosives and the help of Daleks and goes about on a mass purge of the media killing everyone in sight, one of them being Scarface who he shoots in the back with a harpoon gun mistaking him for a worker in the media.

Red eventually meets his death after he emerges from the media office having been driven mad by Scarface's death, he then goes in a rampage killing anyone left, right and center until he gets into a fight with first, the Sheriff of Nottingham who attacks him with a sword repeatedly and weakens him and then Lord Shen of which he takes to the roof even if Shen continually fights him off well. After he corners Shen, Red goes in for the kill until Shen strikes and throws a knife into Red. The cat screams in pain and then falls from the roof to his death back into the office. His body is later found by the National Protection Process and discovered by Charlie Barkin.


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