Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame
Three vixens and a whippet
The four titular characters in the story: Vixen, Dreamer, Lady Blue and Belladonna
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Air date 2016
Written by The wiki founder
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Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame under the working titles of The Vixens of Buckinghamshire, Vixen of Buckinghamshire and Vixen's the Torch, Whippet's the Flame is a story written by the wiki founder.

It is the sequel to the Journey of the Vixen fantasy stories and as such is the sequel to the series' finale. Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame is also the only piece of animal literature that comes from a song.


Vixen and her daughter Dreamer find themselves selected as fighters by a fox baiting ring and if they are to get out alive, then Vixen will have to work with an old enemy.


Walkiees brampton-woods-near-huntingdon 2 640 420 80shar s c1 smart scale

Brampton Wood, Vixen's new home in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame.

It is roughly three months since the events of Duel of the Vixens when Vixen and the other former Farthing Wood animals were sent to Cambridgeshire by Lord Shen (or as he was known "The White Peacock") and whilst she is a good leader and the Farthing Wood animals do not have the same problems that they faced at White Deer Park: Hostility from other White Deer animals (Series 2), dictatorship (Scarface to a degree and the rise of Trey so she says) and an invasion of rats (Series 3) it still pertains to the fact that Vixen is still under a lot of stress:

The animals of Brampton greet her and the Farthing Wood animals with a greater sense of friendliness than some of the animals of Bernwood and White Deer Park, however many of the younger Farthing Wood animals (and some older animals) are struggling to adapt to Brampton because they have been used to living in Farthing Wood/Bernwood Forest for years whilst they have only lived at Brampton for three months. However this is not the source of Vixen's problems.

Instead, the source of Vixen's problems are the death of her mate and having to raise four children on her own. Whilst successful in raising three of them, she has issues with one child; not because she is difficult or the family is like the Simpsons (dysfunctional) but because this one has a tendency to go into her own little world hence the name she is given: Dreamer.

One day, Vixen takes Dreamer out to show her the basic rules of wildlife and how to hunt and whilst her lesson is interesting instead of a typical school outing, Dreamer gets distracted by a butterfly and follows it. Likewise Vixen only notices that Dreamer has gone at the last moment but she is startled by both Dreamer's disappearance and the sound of a camera going off: Someone or something is taking pictures of her.

She frantically tries to search for Dreamer and as she does, more pictures are taken of Vixen as she recovers Dreamer. But the camera also goes off again taking pictures of mother and daughter together; as Vixen takes Dreamer home she scolds her that her habit of day dreaming is going to get her in danger...It is also at this point when the sound of the camera has stopped.

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Chicheley Hall.

The photos of Vixen are later shown in front of a man at Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire who commends the photographer Dinsmore of the perfect pictures of Vixen and her daughter but in spite of doing so, has Dinsmore "contact a professional" instead in contrast to Harrington who is sent to capture another vixen. The slideshow is not only watched by Dinsmore, Harrington and their boss but it is also watched by Harrington's pet whippet.

Meanwhile, Vixen and Dreamer return home where she scolds her daughter even more than she once did thanks to being photographed by Dinsmore. However, not all of her lecture is criticism of her daughter as Vixen does give some words of encouragement to her:

""One of these days Dreamer, you'll have your whole life to explore the world."

These become Vixen's last words of the night as she takes Dreamer back to her siblings and falls asleep alongside the rest of England except Dinsmore who is in Berkshire at midnight in contact with "the professional". This professional however states that he does not want to look at twenty five pictures of mother and daughter at night so has Dinsmore leave his camera with him and goes back to sleep (the twenty five pictures of Vixen and Dreamer are ten pictures of Dreamer on her own, ten pictures of Vixen on her own and five pictures of Vixen and Dreamer together.

Though Vixen sleeps well at night, she is still unsettled and puzzled by the pictures that were taken of her and why the photographer took pictures of her and Dreamer in particular when they could have had hundreds of other animals to take pictures of; she believes however that the photographer could have been taking pictures for a nature magazine but also worries that the truth may be far more sinister...

The next day, Vixen decides to take not just Dreamer out again but decides to take out all three of her children Charmer, Bold and Friendly with her. This time instead of Dreamer who wanders off it is now Bold who tries to wander off but Vixen calls him back; she then warns her children to keep together and especially warns Dreamer not to wander off.

As Vixen takes her children out, her lecture of Dreamer and Bold appears to pay off because they do not wander off (especially Dreamer). She also appears to further forget the dream she had last night and why the photographers went after her and Dreamer, likewise taking all four children out instead of just one seems to pay off for Vixen because the photographer is nowhere to be seen.

Vixen black and white

A picture of Vixen seen by Carrington

Whilst Vixen takes Charmer, Dreamer, Bold and Friendly out into Brampton Wood, the pictures that Dinsmore took of her and Dreamer are later seen by an electronics expert known as Carrington after he phones a university stating he is taking a holiday for "special research". However, he skims through the pictures of Vixen and instead eyes the pictures of Dreamer with more interest believing her to be a lot more easy to get.

Meanwhile, Vixen takes her children to the very same spot that she took Dreamer when she was about to teach her the basic rules of wildlife but in spite of taking Charmer, Dreamer, Bold and Friendly out she only asks Dreamer three questions from the previous day's lesson because she was the only one who was present.

Though she feels like she did the right thing in taking all four children out and gives an equally interesting lesson, she is soon asked questions by Bold and Charmer. In spite of them not making her paranoid, she is forced to reluctantly end the lesson as Vixen is brought back to memories of the previous days and worries about the photographer much to Friendly's concern; her paranoia especially comes in when she teaches her children about the "Six commandments" that the Farthing Wood animals lived by as she fears that she is not a mother but a wife of Napoleon if he were a fox:

"Meanwhile in Brampton, as interesting as her own lesson was, the sense of paranoia began to settle in for Vixen because she felt as though she was not a mother but was a lecturer or the wife of Napoleon who had been brought into existence to spread his words to future generations."

The picture of Vixen and Dreamer is later seen again by Carrington who by now is in Cambridgeshire in a more rural home and as he eyes it, he writes on a notepad "123 B.V D R.V".

In Brampton Wood, Friendly tries to persuade his mother to end the lesson, take the four of them home and come back out again later which may be something that would benefit her and her children for she would be a lot less upset and her children would be getting full, confident lessons instead of shaky ones that have been a common occurrence since the photographers came.

Eventually Vixen reluctantly brings her children back home which is a decision supported by all four children. However she states that this is not the end of the lesson as she decides to take them out again later which again is a decision supported by her children in particular Charmer. In the forest things begin to fit in the case of Carrington: The butterfly he drew in Berkshire resembles a remote controlled butterfly he has just tested on a rabbit colony and later a fox pack spraying them with a Zyklon B type gas and the note "123 B.V D R.V" is the current schedule:

A Blue Vixen and Vixen's old rival has been captured first in Hertfordshire by Harrington and his whippet unknowingly to Vixen which means that Dreamer will be the next target and the Red Vixen will be last.

Having been forced to take her children home after being unable to carry on with a lesson that she would have taught, Vixen takes her children out again about three hours later to the same spot where she took them this morning. Here, her lesson is as interesting as it was to Dreamer but Carrington uses the remote controlled butterfly to lure Dreamer away from her family causing Vixen to send Charmer home with Bold and Friendly before she goes after Dreamer.

The butterfly lures mother and daughter to a secluded part of Brampton Wood where Vixen is too late to prevent Dreamer's capture when the butterfly lures her into a fox trap. A distraught and furious Vixen then proceeds to attack the butterfly but it too lures her into a fox trap scaring her; then finally Carrington activates another button spraying the gas from the butterfly in the vixen's direction knocking them both out.

Finally he deactivates the butterfly and the remote control and puts the cages containing mother and daughter in the boot of his car back to Foxmere Airfield proceeding to take them out of the county.

Vixen and Dreamer are seen in cages in the boot of Carrington's car where all the fury she had when Carrington captured her daughter appears to have been exhausted leaving her just as devastated as her daughter Charmer who she had sent home with Friendly and Bold. She is even described as being unable to tell Dreamer that her habit of day dreaming would get her into danger.

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Ascott House, the first house Vixen and Dreamer are taken to.

With Vixen and Dreamer in captivity, Carrington contacts Harrison who is the man that ordered the capture of Vixen, her daughter and unknown to her, her old rival and like her old rival Carrington takes her to Harrington's home in Ascott House in the Buckinghamshirean hamlet of Ascott. When Carrington arrives, he takes a caged Vixen out of the boot of his car and hands her to Harrington before he takes Dreamer and under Harrington's direction takes both vixens to the storage room he has just put Vixen's old rival who was actually covered with cloth.

In the storage facility, Vixen slowly begins to calm down and accepts Dreamer's apology when her daughter apologizes to her for wandering off again during the lesson that Vixen taught when they were captured. Dreamer's apology however is the least of Vixen's worries as she is worried about the cage draped in black cloth in case its occupant could be another one of her children and is also worried about a shadow that prepares to enter the storage room in case it is her old rival back to wreak her revenge.

The shadow actually belongs to Harrington's pet whippet Belladonna who reveals the truth to Vixen and Dreamer: They are not in the hands of a vet or a taxidermist or poacher; they are actually in the hands of a fox-baiting ring. She is later tormented by Belladonna who makes Vixen believe that one of her children is in the cloth draped cage and watches as she struggles to pull the cloth off whilst laughing dementedly (because Vixen believes that the cloth draped cage contains another one of her children).

Doctor Who The Master Theme

Doctor Who The Master Theme

Music that plays when Belladonna reveals Lady Blue to Vixen. Starts at 2:49 to the end.

Belladonna however tells Vixen that the fox-baiters do not intend for her to fight her own children because the cage's occupant is not one of her children; then finally she pulls off the cloth to reveal her opponent for in the fighting ring: Lady Blue.

As Vixen and Lady Blue meet each other again, Vixen stuns her rival when she calls her by her proper name (In The Animals of Farthing Wood, Vixen does not call Lady Blue by her name until the end of A Time of Reckoning) when the blue vixen demands an explanation, the red vixen takes her back to the events of the aforementioned A Time of Reckoning in which Lady Blue actually gave her name to Vixen despite the former protesting that she did no such thing:

"Me? What are you thinking of? I am no common red fox used to brawling. I am Lady Blue, mate to Scarface."

In the present day, Vixen and Lady Blue get into a heated argument which is watched by Belladonna this time as Lady Blue ignores her rival and instead goes after Dreamer attacking Vixen's decision to let her daughter wander into danger; Vixen retaliates by accusing Lady Blue of not caring for her cubs but Lady Blue finally pulls her trump card when she talks about the Red Blue fox feud and accuses Vixen of instigating the feud. The last words Vixen hears come out of the blue vixen's mouth are:

"Don't lie to me Vixen! You red foxes always spoil for a fight!"

With these words, Vixen can no longer go on and goes quiet as a faint smile comes across Lady Blue's mouth and an even greater smile comes Belladonna's mouth telling her rival:

"That's it, Lady Blue! Strike her where it hurts!"

As Vixen is unable to go on, Lady Blue boasts on how much better she is than Vixen including being cleverer and deadlier. Belladonna laughs in agreement stating "That you are Lady Blue! THAT YOU ARE!" and whilst Vixen is unable to carry on arguing with the blue vixen she listens as the cackles of whippet and vixen echo through her ears.

As Vixen finds herself on the receiving end of the blue animal's disdain (the blue animals being Belladonna and Lady Blue) she also hangs her head in shame and dishonor. Vixen later is spurred into defending her daughter after Dreamer stands up for her mother which results in Belladonna attacking her cage with great ferocity when she screams at the whippet to get away from Dreamer. As the whippet withdraws, Vixen demands an explanation to fox-baiting.

The answer: Fox-baiting is a type of blood sport that follows the basic principle of dog fighting, wolf fighting, cock fighting and even hyena fighting in which foxes or vixens are put in the fighting ring and fight each other to the death.

Whilst her old rival showed some sympathy for her as she stopped laughing when Belladonna was still laughing, she smiles with a sense of malice as she believes that she will end up tearing Vixen to pieces. But Lady Blue's smile fades when Belladonna returns to the storage room where the three vixens are held having eavesdropped on a conversation between Harrington, her owner and his boss Harrison.

With Belladonna's return, Lady Blue's smile goes out when Belladonna tells her that the fighting schedule has been changed so that Vixen's opponent is no longer her old rival; but she is left both shocked, devastated and heartbroken when the whippet tells her that her opponent is her own daughter.

But as heartbroken as she is, Vixen also demands a reason why Harrison and his men targeted Dreamer in particular when they had four children to choose from; Belladonna's response leaves her appalled and disgusted:

Bold would never have accepted being captured thanks to his headstrong personality, Friendly's very kind and understanding nature makes Belladonna call him a coward and as for Charmer Belladonna only replies with "Like Mother Like Daughter."

Dreamer was captured by the fox-baiters because Belladonna considers her to be the most vulnerable of Vixen's children owing to her tendency to daydream. Also, if Vixen or any other fox was against her in the ring, Dreamer would be torn to pieces. Upon her response, Vixen calls Belladonna even worse than Lady Blue to which the former replies "Oh please! Oh please!" as if she has been showered with praises.

The latter meanwhile takes it personally and accuses Vixen of making her out to be some kind of monster with no regard for animal life. Later, as Belladonna is called away by her owner Vixen becomes separated from Dreamer when Harrington puts her with the whippet and she is put in the back seat with Lady Blue.

Now that she and Lady Blue are together without the malignant influence of Belladonna, Vixen tries to apologize to her old rival, except it doesn't work and Lady Blue tells her to go away...then just as Vixen is about to try again, it is actually her rival that apologizes to her about Dreamer; it also seems that without Belladonna, the vixens begin to let bygones be bygones and forget the countless arguments they once had.


Dropmore House, the location of the fox fight that the three vixens are taken to.

The location of the fight becomes Dropmore House and Dropmore Park where Harrington struggles to pull through with what he has been asked to do (change the fight so mother and daughter fight each other) before eventually taking Vixen and Dreamer out of his car and taking them to a storage room in the form of a rotunda; on her way there Vixen sees a terrible thing: The trip takes her past a pit where she sees fox corpses from a previous fight being doused in gasoline and set on fire.

Harrington's final action is to bring Lady Blue to the same spot whilst Belladonna heads for Dropmore House; finally Harrington releases the vixens from their cages allowing them to roam free then struggling to carry on with the fight between mother and daughter takes himself out to a garden. Once he is confident the coast is clear, Harrington dies when he takes a suicide pill.

With the death of Harrington, Vixen, her daughter and her rival are allowed to roam free which allows her to come across a distraught Dreamer. When she asks her daughter what's wrong, Dreamer cries saying that she doesn't want to fight her mother. Vixen however assures her that they won't fight because she has a plan to get out of Buckinghamshire...but is dubious about whether the plan will work. At first, Vixen almost shoots herself in the foot when she asks Lady Blue how she feels.

Whilst her rival is angry and upset, she is also relieved because fox-baiting follows the principle of other baiting sports: There is no winner or rather there is no survivor; if Vixen and Lady Blue were to go against each other in the ring then one of them would die but the victor would be left in such a state they would have to be put to sleep.

Vixen's issue is that Lady Blue says "If I killed you" and she takes issue because it could have been the other way round and she also takes issue with the very vain way that the blue vixen phrases it. The altercation makes Vixen quickly change tactics to get Lady Blue on her side and instead she takes a more evasive approach using the principle of "If you can't beat them join them." Dreamer responds with a very excitable "Yes please mother!" when Vixen asks the other two vixens:

"You want to leave Buckinghamshire, and I want to leave Buckinghamshire. My daughter wants to leave Buckinghamshire as well, yes?"

Her evasive approach manages to pay off even if she thinks of it as being something that she would never say in her life: Vixen reveals that if the three vixens are going to get out of Buckinghamshire alive then they are going to have to work together.

But Belladonna's malignant influence returns in Lady Blue because whilst the vixens allow recent events to be forgotten about, the vixen refuses to cooperate with her old rival. For Vixen however, she feels a sense of accomplishment because she has now effectively turned Lady Blue against Belladonna for good and at least she is making some attempts to reconcile which would have been impossible with the whippet's presence.

Her efforts all end in vain however and at one point, Lady Blue gives Vixen the silent treatment and when Vixen tries again, she is pinned on her back by her rival who threatens her that she tried to kill her once before which again brings back memories from A Time of Reckoning and she can do it again; but Vixen finds enough strength to pin Lady Blue on her back likewise threatening her.

This time, Vixen threatens Lady Blue by taking her back to A Time of Reckoning where her ear was torn and threatens that she could easily tear both of her rival's ears and make her fully deaf. The blue vixen tries to reconcile again but Vixen chokes her in case that the vixen is lying, then finally the blue vixen gives in and agrees to work with Vixen. But as she gives her plan, Lady Blue refuses to listen causing Vixen to hit her across the face and tell her "WILL YOU SHUT UP?! AND LISTEN TO ME!"

As Lady Blue prepares to listen with Dreamer, Vixen's plan is as follows:

The plan is to allow Dreamer and herself into the fighting ring so as to avoid any suspicion which would mean that Belladonna may be sent in to try and provoke an attack. Belladonna and Vixen would fight each other which would more than likely result in her being thrown off; when the whippet goes after Dreamer, Lady Blue would defend her before both adult vixens would advance on Belladonna and kill her.

With the resulting carnage, the vixens would then flee the county back to their respective homes: For Vixen and Dreamer, Cambridgeshire and for Lady Blue, Hertfordshire. The time comes for a fight when fox-baiters arrive to take Vixen and Dreamer to the fighting ring as spectators arrive seemingly to watch the red vixens fight.

As the fight begins, the three vixens have one last meal before Vixen and Dreamer are taken into the arena and when they are pushed into the ring Vixen receives a very enthusiastic response with cheers of encouragement and even some shouts of "Go on Girl!" whilst Dreamer receives a more derogatory response of boos, heckles and jeers. The fight is announced much to the concern of Lady Blue who also rushes out to the ring for aid and also runs there when she discovers Belladonna out in the open.

The blue vixen however appears too late to do anything when the fight is announced and when it is...nothing happens much to the deridement of the spectators whose reactions are again divided: For some is a great sense of disappointment and fury whilst for others, any fight is better than no fight. Then finally once the announcer announces the fight again, Vixen and Dreamer ridicule the spectators because whilst they fight it is a very half hearted one and a very fake fight.

Evidence of this is shown when Vixen gives out very half hearted growls to Dreamer whilst Dreamer does nothing. Eventually, the fight gets so ludicrous that some of the spectators even start to go home and it also causes Belladonna to break the rules of fox-baiting: Unlike other baiting sports such as hyena and wolf baiting, fox-baiting is meant to be strictly between foxes with no intervention from dogs.

For Belladonna however, desperate times call for desperate measures so she furiously enters the ring and races Vixen to Dreamer. The arrival of Lady Blue however stops Vixen in her tracks allowing Belladonna to keep on running towards Dreamer...but the blue vixen shields Dreamer from Belladonna and approaches the whippet snarling at her, Vixen later stands by Lady Blue's side stating that with two vixens that they are no match for her.

But an unfazed Belladonna tries again only to get attacked by Vixen with great ferocity much to the fascination of many of the spectators who remained to watch. The fight carries on to the point where the enemies stand on their hind legs batting out at each other, Vixen bats out at Belladonna but Belladonna bats out at her and gives her a more powerful blow knocking her off her feet and going back straight for Dreamer again who is now vulnerable because the fight between Belladonna and Vixen made Lady Blue believe that she was no longer at any risk of being attacked.

Vixen recovers just in time to see her daughter rush to her for company as Lady Blue fights Belladonna with great ferocity, she is further spurred into defending Lady Blue when the blue vixen cries out in pain indicating Belladonna has torn part of her fur. She prepares to fight Belladonna one last time as she and Lady Blue circle the whippet then attack her with great barbarity further scaring Dreamer and leaving all three fighters with horrific injuries.

A dying Belladonna prepares to attack the red vixen one last time but Vixen is too quick and instead grabs Belladonna by the throat in her jaws, the whippet dies when Vixen punctures her throat and releases her grip around the whippet's throat causing her corpse to fall onto the floor.

For a while, Vixen is still fierce and still bares her teeth like she and Lady Blue had been doing since they fought the whippet; she further scares her daughter by showing off her mouth, teeth and gums which are all stained with blood, a shell of the normally beautiful and lithe mother that Dreamer knows and loves and she also scares Lady Blue because though the vixens have fought once, the blue vixen does not expect Vixen to be a murderer.

Then as Vixen cools down, Dreamer approaches her asking what happens now. Her mother's response:

"We wait Dreamer. Just wait for the perfect time...and when the time comes: We leave!"

As the audience is frozen with fear, Vixen seeks the opportunity to warn her daughter not to wander off because it will mean she will get lost and her mother will be constantly trying to search for her.

She also warns Lady Blue that she is going to have to stick with her; she tells the pair to run on her signal which comes as the fight hits the audience making them furiously leave the stadium demanding refunds. At first Vixen watches the fury of the spectators, even appearing to laugh at some children as they react with more fury than others.

One of the children also has an Angry German Kid type reaction as well ending up tearing up a programme and it is this that makes her wary of Dreamer. The red vixen in turn brings her daughter close to her so she can't hear the screams and shouts that the children have.

She gives the signal to flee and the vixens flee to the nearest forest and in a secluded part of the forest Dreamer asks what happened: Some people have very specific expectations of what they want to see or have and some members of the audience were prime examples of those types of people; they wanted to see a mother tear her daughter apart and nothing else.

They also reacted with fury when they had to sit through at least ten minutes of a fake fight believing that any fight was better than no fight and when there finally was a real fight it was instead between Belladonna and Vixen so it surprised them a lot. She further explains that the ring has been driven to destruction because the amount of refunds demanded has crippled their economy...Vixen has effectively bankrupted the ring.

This means that there are no more photographers, no more hunting and no more cremations to which she states with great optimism. As she finishes, the journey to get home begins.

After a five hour journey including a swim in the tarn, the vixen's journey to Hertfordshire seems to go off without a hitch...but a stray bullet puts the journey in danger as it injures Lady Blue's leg. With only a few miles left to go, Vixen tries to encourage Lady Blue to come with her but the blue vixen refuses telling her rival to go on without her; but just as Lady Blue refuses to go on, Vixen refuses to leave her behind echoing the same words she also tells a dying Maid Marian at the end of The Curse of Maid Marian when she kills Prince John:

"A vixen never leaves another behind!"

Vixen brings Lady Blue to her feet and under the blue vixen's direction takes her back to the blue vixen pack she was sent to at the end of Duel of the Vixens all the while with the blue vixen limping. As she collapses, Vixen and Lady Blue reconcile when the former thanks the latter for saving her daughter from Belladonna whilst the latter wishes the former good luck on getting back to Cambridgeshire.

She and Dreamer finally leave Lady Blue to the blue vixen pack and continue on their way back to Cambridgeshire despite a blue vixen's attempt to persuade her to stay a while, have a rest and leave in the morning.

Hours later, Vixen and Dreamer leave Hertfordshire and now travel into Cambridgeshire and also on her journey she takes Dreamer back to the time when she said that one day she would explore the whole world and simply smiles at her daughter: Whilst the vixens have remained in England, Vixen has kept her word because Dreamer has effectively explored a whole new world when she and Lady Blue were taken out of Buckinghamshire and the vixen was dropped off in Hertfordshire whilst she and her mother carried onto Cambridgeshire.

As she enters Cambridgeshire, reality comes back to hit Vixen and as it does she collapses in exhaustion causing both mother and daughter to worry in case she is going to die. Unlike Lady Blue however who could no longer carry on because of a bullet shot in her leg, Vixen finds the strength to carry on and as she does, drags herself and an equally exhausted Dreamer home; at least back into Brampton Wood because despite being their home being another four miles away they are exhausted so Vixen decides to let Dreamer and herself take a rest as night falls on Brampton and go the extra four miles in the morning.

And go the last four miles in the morning is exactly what Vixen and Dreamer do; the night time rest also pays off for her because as Vixen and Dreamer go the last four miles home, she is shown to be a lot more energetic and lively than she was the last night when she could practically no longer stand up and felt at death's door. Further proof of Vixen's more vivacious nature is shown when she races Dreamer home.

The arrival of Vixen and Dreamer causes hysteria and upset for her three children; Hysteria because they are delighted to see her and upset because neither her children nor Vixen thought she would see them ever again. As Dreamer is consoled by her sister, Vixen consoles first Bold and then Friendly before shortly consoling Charmer.

She further tells her children about the fox-baiting ring and with no more photographers then she can give full confident lessons again. At least, no more photographers with sinister intentions; one of those lessons also includes the full story about the baiting ring since Vixen and Dreamer were captured by Carrington. As her children gather round her, Vixen tells the full story to them...even Dreamer.

Early drafts


When the story was in production, its working titles were Vixen of Buckinghamshire which is a similar technique used for Mirage of Arabia and was intended to show Vixen as being a lot more heroic and almost like a fellow red vixen in The Curse of Maid Marian but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

ABC - "The Flames Of Desire" (2016)

ABC - "The Flames Of Desire" (2016)

The song "The Flames of Desire" mentioned in this article.

When Lady Blue was brought back, the title became The Vixens of Buckinghamshire owing to the pair having to work together to escape from Buckinghamshire which is the setting of the story (apart from Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire) but this was vetoed for fears that the story may seem too much like The Hound of the Baskervilles or like a horror story.

The story gained it's "X is the Torch, Y is the Flame" title one day when the band ABC released the song "The Flames of Desire." on BBC Radio 2 and the wiki founder was simply in the right place at the right time. The founder wanted to listen to it but had little luck in doing so.

In the song, the chorus lyrics consist of such:

"You came, you saw, you conquered me
Right then, I knew, you wanted me
Burning in flames of desire
Burning in flames of desire

You came, you saw, you taunted me
High Priestess, powers, anointed me
This is the torch, this is the flame
This is the passion, wild and untamed
Burning in flames of desire"

At first, the title would have been "Vixen's the Torch, Whippet's the Flame" owing to the negative connotations attached to fire and the flame would have referred to Belladonna who burns the relationship between Vixen and Lady Blue but it seemed too informal. Finally, the title was changed to "Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame" as it seemed more snappy and memorable.

The title also refers to the four titular characters: Vixen, Dreamer, Lady Blue and Belladonna. "Red is the Torch" symbolizes Vixen's wise personality and Dreamer's tendency to daydream as the Torch referenced in the title refers to a flashlight and kittens playing with light shining from a flashlight.

In the United Kingdom, fire safety campaigns have the slogan:

"Fire kills. You can prevent it."

And in this case, the main character who is "The Flame" is Belladonna who destroys the relationship between Lady Blue and Vixen which may have been good because of the story being set three months (roughly) after Duel of the Vixens.

But "The Flame" also refers to Lady Blue's far more outspoken, brave and gutsy personality which she has in literature rather than the cowardly and whiny personality that she has in The Animals of Farthing Wood and it also highlights her refusal to co-operate with Vixen's plan to escape from Buckinghamshire and go back home.

Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame is one of a few stories to have been under a working title alongside its prequel Journey of the Vixen and two human "feature" stories The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw (alongside the name of its titular character), The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington and King of the Dinosaurs to an extent.

Story line:

While the original events of Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame remain the same (Vixen and Dreamer being captured by a fox baiting ring and the former at first being forced to go against Lady Blue in the ring then her daughter), an original draft originally showed five vixens: Two reds (Vixen and Dreamer) and three blues (Lady Blue and two other blue vixens she befriends at the end of Duel of the Vixens named Alice and Charlotte.)

The draft would have shown Alice and Charlotte co-operating with Vixen's plan but not Lady Blue and it would have shown all four adult vixens working together to attack and eventually kill Belladonna. It was scrapped due to fears of bad writing and troubles with the blue vixen's designs; while Alice and Charlotte still exist in the story, they only appear at the very end of the story when Vixen takes Lady Blue back to Whippendell Wood.

While Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame is set roughly three months after the events of Duel of the Vixens, no references to the story are made in the story apart from a prologue which mentions it being three months after Vixen and the other Farthing Wood animals were moved to Brampton Wood. There is also a reference to the Red-Blue fox feud which had occurred prior to the events of Journey of the Vixen.

This would partially be because of the fact that Lady Blue is the only vixen from The Animals of Farthing Wood to appear in all six stories of the series; There are other vixens in the series, but the only other vixen from The Animals of Farthing Wood that appears in the series which is her daughter only appears in Mirage of Arabia.