Remy is one of the Hood sisters and one of three daughters of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. She is the youngest of the sisters at the age of 16.


Unlike most vixens Remy's fur is orange and like her sister Katya she wears similar clothing to Junta children. In Remy's case her clothing is also worn by the Estonian vixen Maarja and the Serbian vixen Mirjana who she and her sisters are also friends with at school. Her clothing is also worn by female guards and torturers at Majlinka. Remy wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, a red, white and black striped scarf, black leather gloves, standard colored tights and high heels.


As her supervisor Nancy learns during Remy's first interment Remy cares deeply for her sisters and comes off as being a very loving and caring character towards her parents and sisters. To her friends particularly towards the Serbian vixen Mirjana she is shown to be sympathetic but in battle she is a very fierce fighter yet like Mirjana she is a pacifist and if she can tries not to fight. She says the only time she does fight is in self defense or in defense for her friends or in defense of her sisters but before she can attack Phil after her father is exterminated and later his supporters she tries to escape from Stevie but fails. To her parents she is the closest to her father but finds it strange why someone Katya's age is as close as she is to her parents to which Katya often tells her that many of the Junta children are her age and they live with their parents.


During the Animalian dictatorship Remy and her sisters are put through plenty of struggles. During the Night of the Thieves Remy and her sisters are arrested and interred at Majlinka and whilst Katya and Lucie are sent away with Felicia and Carly Remy is sent with Nancy and forced into torture for the rest of her three day interment.

She is ultimately cancelled of her torturer role by Louise who frees her sisters, tells them to redress and has them sent home but they're actually met by a belligerent group hoping to topple the Junta. Unfortunately in battle many of the members are killed and ultimately Robin is exterminated. The rest are also exterminated and whilst Maid Marian is imprisoned the girls are sent back to Majlinka. There Nancy gets her own back and is involved with "punishing" the girls during their second interment which lasts until the end of the Junta years where thegirls are freed by Asma. Today Remy lives in Animalia with her mother and sisters.

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