Reynaldo is a member of the National Protection Process and one of the Argentine foxes that founded the organization.


He was named after Reynaldo Bignone


His nickname is often "White Death" not because of his colour though that is the main reason but because of his style of dress. His colour choice is very, very light blue fur like an arctic fox with a snow white underbelly and he wears a white shirt, white trousers and a white jacket with a black tie.


Whilst Jorge is often said to be more laid back Reynaldo is shown to be much more serious but nonetheless he is not entirely strict and still respects Jorge. He can be a very fiery speaker often emphasizing words and though he does not wish to participate in an orchestra he does so anyway and actually enjoys it. But as well as classical music Reynaldo also enjoys modern music mainly "Sing", though he enjoys the innocence of the Junta babies Reynaldo can come off as being rather intimidating as the Junta babies do not play with his tail as much as they do with others however that does not stop the Junta's sole kitten Valerie playing with his tail.

Much like Miroslav he is also a very militarily firm character, Emilio also says that his salute is unshakable and so is his speaking. Though he takes a displeasure to the Junta babies when he first meets them Reynaldo is shown to be good with young Junta children but much like the Bolivian Fox Junta general Hugo he acts like a British Army general often beating Siad with a swagger stick whilst shouting at him in Spanish as well as the fact he is very, very cynical. But despite these traits Reynaldo is in reality rather respectful and is also friendly with other members of his allies' organizations.

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