Rhiannon is a guard at Majlinka transit camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta.


She is an anthropomorphic Jaguar who serves under the Junta police with many others as well at Majlinka. In the Junta police she wears a light blue blouse, a purple-blue knee length skirt, standard colored tights and high heels whilst as a guard she wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, a black, white and red striped scarf, black leather gloves, standard colored tights and high heels.


Rhiannon is described by her enemies as the most despicable animal ever known and she really lives up to it. She is manipulative, believes Mechanikat is a savior and also shows him in a heroic light light, alongside many others she is one of the most active, disciplined and most determined members of the Junta determined to crush the Animalian resistance yet she admires the skill and cunning of three of the resistance's leaders and it is these leaders that manage to avoid capture (not that anyone else in the resistance Isn't cunning) as well as the capture of their organizations. These leaders are Omar, Osama and Velupillai.

But even so she is often compared to a terrorist because of her violence and un-predictability, like many others she shows absolutely no sympathy to sympathetic allies, this also includes Aleksandra enjoying her intimidation. Rhiannon also hates enemies as much as her allies do but she also remains of what she has done and accomplished to the end and also remains proud of the Junta's strength and accomplishments to the very end. In the end her time in the Junta destroys her and she accepts her arrest.


After the Junta years Rhiannon is arrested by the Animalian Patriotic Front and is tried by the Animalian tribunal. She is found guilty of her role in the Junta, encouraging resistance and other offenses and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Today she lives in Animalia.

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