Rhys is a former Tyrannian soldier and former member of the Animalian Junta .


He is an anthropomorphic Wolf who is also part of the soldiers to storm the presidential palace during the Night of the Thieves. He wears very similar clothing to the Czech fox Alexander as he wears a black polo shirt and military style trousers but he still goes with bare feet. Rhys also wears dog tags around his neck.


Like his partner Daniel as well as Greg and Stevie at times Rhys likes often to be a joker but in actuality he is perhaps the most rational and logical member of the Junta who storm the Animalian Presidential Palace. Like Stevie he hates Mufasa with a passion going as far to not identify him as an animal and is one of the soldiers who has very little regard for Animalia and smashes memorials with a sledgehammer.

He is very aggressive and during the kidnapping of Simba's daughter Kiara he uses force and aggression on her believing Greg's charm will fail and instead has Daniel and Stevie drag Kiara to him, the soldiers beat the lioness to the ground before Greg drags Kiara to her feet and Rhys forces her to smell chloroform knocking her unconscious. Kiara is kept in Majlinka for two weeks and spends two more weeks behind bars at the women's prison where her mother is forced into torture there.


At the end of the dictatorship Rhys flees Animalia to Vienna but is extradited to Animalia where on trial he says "I was following orders. My orders were to eradicate enemies so that's what I did". The soldier is sentenced to 2 years in prison. Despite being sentenced to 2 years he is released a month before his sentence is over for good behavior. Today he lives in Animalia.

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