The Road Rovers is the name given to another resistance group fighting against the Animalian Junta, their allies and collaborators. Whilst the Fox Junta, the National Protection Process and the Animalian Patriotic Front are exiled to Argentina they fight against the Junta in Animalia with the Animalian military students. The original Rovers contains 4 members but in the Anthro Saga this number is expanded to 24 members and later 52.



Hunter the leader of the Road Rovers

The Rovers is made of 52 dogs of English, American, German and Russian descent and because of this their membership is restricted unlike their allies and enemies. All members wear a bodysuit as shown in the image, though males in the Anthro World go with bare feet males in the Rovers wear footwear. This suit is also worn by Lydia in the Animalian military students, Dulce in the Fox Junta and Mara in the Animalian Patriotic Front.

But the suit is also worn by male Space Fleet commanders except Charles Hammerton and Phillip Harmon who wear military attire.

Relations with other organizations

National Protection Process

The N.P.P and the Rovers have rarely, if ever, interacted with each other during their time however this does not mean they are not allies because they are. The only exception is that they have not fought on the same side and those Rovers who have are Charlotte and Hunter who were the only ones who fought in the second coup as the others were imprisoned. Once Hunter became president of Animalia the relations experienced a little deterioration but ultimately improved following the release of Brainy Barker from prison.

Animalian Patriotic Front

The Rovers relationship with the A.P.F is considered to be very, very warm owing to a similarity in nationalities and the fact that the Road Rovers one of them being Hunter and his wife Charlotte are involved in very important positions in the government. The new government also rehabilitated and re-established the Rovers after the dictatorship.

Fox Junta

Alongside the resistance the Road Rovers are also one of the Junta's closest allies and they both fought on the same side during the First Animalian coup however until the near end of the Junta this was the only time the two organizations interacted with each other. When the leaders of the Rovers were exiled to Argentina relations were revealed to be close to each other.

Animalian resistance

Animalian military students

The Road Rovers are often regarded as the A.M.S's closest ally just as the Animalian Patriotic Front is the closest ally of the Fox Junta. They were on the same side during the first Animalian coup and during the Night of the Thieves the A.M.S saved the Rovers from capture by the Junta and the two groups fought on the same side in the Civil War.

Animalian Mujahideen

Relations with the Rovers start off with mutual hostility owing to the Rovers' American nationalities but over time greatly improve. The organizations are on the same side in both coups and fight on the same side in the Civil war.

Animalian Resistance Army

The relations between the Road Rovers and the Animalian Resistance Army also start off with hostility owing to the Rover's Western nationalities with some being American, some being German, some being Russian and some being British however over time relations improve.

Liberators of Animalia

Unlike the relations with the Animalian military students the relations between the L.O.A and the Road Rovers are distinguished by suspicion and distrust owing to the fact that Velupillai and Hunter are two very different leaders, Velupillai leading a highly disciplined army and having an iron grip on his forces and Hunter not having an iron grip instead being a more democratic leader. However as time progresses the relations greatly improve owing to the Rover's increase in membership and discipline as well as their transformation from a fighting force to a fully disciplined and trained army.

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army

The relations with the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army are considered to be better than the Rover's relations with the Animalian Resistance Army, three members of the Rovers Dilnoza, Yalanskaya and Lola also act as double fighters fighting with Hunter and the Rovers and also fighting with Anisa and the D.A.P.R.A.

Animalian Junta

Relations between the Animalian Junta and the Road Rovers are described as being extremely poisonous however Charlotte, Colleen and other members and allies of the Rovers say that their hatred is both natural and understandable, not because the Junta take over Animalia but because a large amount of the Junta's members are cats.

Animalian National Socialist Union

The Rover's relations with the Animalian National Socialist Union are described as being abysmal, just as abysmal in fact as the A.N.S.U's relations with the Rover's ally the Animalian Patriotic Front. These are also highlighted by the Rover's alliance with other groups against the Junta and also the capture of many Rovers by both members of the A.N.S.U and their collaborators. Serafina and her husband Oswald have also denounced the Rovers as "terrorists" and their resistance allies as "more terrorists."

Animalian Junta collaborators

Relations between the Road Rovers and the collaborators are equally negative but none would say they are exactly poisonous though some take a very hard stance on the collaborators, three female Rovers are also humiliated by female collaborators in captivity: Helga, Mamie and Irina.


At first Rovers who wanted to join had to have a love of adventure which many of them do but over time as Hunter became more disciplined, perhaps not as disciplined as Omar, Velupillai or others but still disciplined nonetheless training became a lot more vigorous.

New cadres who wanted to join did not have to sign up but instead simply joined like in the case of other resistance groups and were put through vigorous military training, this training included but was not limited to:

  • Operating a Mortar
  • Holding a gun and also how to use it
  • Various kinds of target practice
  • And for many members Flying a fighter plane.

Once their training was finished fully trained Rovers were given full Rover uniform and were also fully initiated into the Rovers and effectively the resistance.

The Anthro Saga

Whilst the Animalian Patriotic Front and their allies are forced into exile after the coup the Rovers who back them along with the Animalian military students fight alongside each other against the Junta and as such Hunter and Tatyana have close ties to each other.

However both organizations also share one thing in common:Both of their organizations are also part of the much larger Animalian resistance. Whilst the A.M.S is based in a school though or rather a school complex the Rovers are based in a laboratory but after an attack on the lab by the Junta the Rovers manage to fend off capture by the Junta collaborators but are forced to retreat to a military base where they stay until the Junta comes for them. All bases are located in territory the resistance control.

At this point the Rovers are disbanded and proscribed with many of it's members being incarcerated/interred. Of the 52 rovers only 45 come out of the dictatorship alive: Exile is killed in prison, Blitz is killed under unknown circumstances, Vasility, Myron, Oliver and Malia are executed and Oscar is drowned in the North Sea. Natasha also is drowned in the North Sea with many others but she and Oscar are saved by the A.M.S. though for Oscar it is jut in time and it is also just by chance the A.M.S actually revive him.

Though the other Rovers survive many are tortured but Hunter and Charlotte are the only Rovers who get out of Animalia as they are deported to Argentina where they are brought back by the Animalian Patriotic Front, the Fox Junta and the National Protection Process. Upon the destruction of the dictatorship other Rovers are released and now some of them serve in very important positions.


Name Breed of dog Nationality Fate and Status
Hunter Labrador Retriever American Prisoner of War. Now President of Animalia
Colleen Rough Collie British Prisoner of War.
Exile Siberian Husky Russian Killed
Blitz Doberman German Killed
Charlotte Labrador American Prisoner of War. Now First Lady of Animalia
Alfred Border Collie British Prisoner of War.
Gerard Golden Retriever British Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Myron Smooth Collie British Executed
Jacqueline Rough Collie American Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Mamie American Water Spaniel American Prisoner of War. Humiliated by the Collaborators in captivity
Yekaterina Afghan Hound Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Yevhenia Alaskan Malamute Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Vasily Siberian Husky Russian Executed
Yakov Siberian Husky Russian Tortured. Survives
Helga German Shepherd German Prisoner of War. Humiliated by female collaborators in captivity
Helmut Dobermann German Prisoner of War
Greta Dobermann German Tortured. Survives
Oscar Black and Tan coonhound American Drowned in the North Sea
Oliver Bluetick Coonhound American Executed
Tonya Alaskan Malamute Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Malia Catahounla Cur American Executed
Natasha English Shepherd British Drowned in the North Sea. Saved by the A.M.S
Gunther German Shorthaired pointer German Executed
Christof Rottweiler German Tortured. Survives.
Rukhsona Bucovina Shepherd Dog Russian Tortured. Survives.
Takhmina Bucovina Shepherd Dog Russian Prisoner of War
Ozoda Kuvasz Russian Prisoner of War Tortured but survives
Parvina Saluki Russian Prisoner of War
Farzona Siberian Husky Russian Prisoner of War
Firuza Russian Spaniel Russian Tortured. Survives
Zarina Mudi Russian Prisoner of War.
Zelimkhan Alaskan Malamute Russian Drowned in the North Sea. Saved by the A.M.S
Ilya Alaskan Malamute Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured and later drowned in the North Sea but saved by the A.M.S
Dilnoza Kuvasz Russian Defects to the D.A.P.R.A. Captured as a prisoner of war and tortured
Yalanskaya Siberian Husky Russian Defects to the D.A.P.R.A. Captured as a prisoner of war
Lola Kuvasz Russian Defects to the D.A.P.R.A. Captured as a prisoner of war
Amy Saluki American Prisoner of War
Lisa German Shepherd German Tortured but survives
Penny Black and Tan Coonhound American Prisoner of War
Kelsi Border Collie British Prisoner of War. Tortured but survives
Irina Siberian Husky Russian Prisoner of War. Humiliated in captivity.
Esme Labrador American Defector of the Animalian Junta
Belinda Labrador American Former soldier of the Animalian Army
Bronwen Border Collie British Prisoner of War
Charmaine Rough Collie British Tortured but survives
Cristalyn German Shepherd British with German ancestry Tortured but survives
Destiny Border Collie American Drowned but saved by the A.M.S
Hester English Springer Spaniel British Prisoner of war
Marcia Siberian Husky American Prisoner of War
Satyana Siberian Husky British with Russian ancestry Prisoner of War
Thomasina Dobermann German Tortured
Talitha Rottweiler German Tortured

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