Roberto is an Argentine fox involved with the National Protection Process and alongside Reynaldo is often one of the multicoloured foxes in the organization.


He is often said to be much like "a living flag" as he has very light blue almost turquoise fur with an icy white underbelly and a white face however in his normal form he wears traditional Argentine army clothing but in disguise he wears quite old clothing which is said to make him look like Reynaldo Bignone as he is today.


Much like the Macedonian fox Lazar Roberto is often shown to be a master of disguise but is also rather nostalgic often seeing the place of shelter for the National Protection Process and effectively their afterwards base and their normal base as being like a ballroom as well as appreciating 19th century architecture and concert halls. Armando also suggests that they visit the concert halls in England. In battle he is just as unpredictable as anyone else but like Reynaldo he enjoys classical music and some modern music. He is also a fan of Jorge's conducting managing also not to laugh when he does conducting unlike the Junta babies.

Like Orlando he often has the feeling that the organization does not belong in Animalia however he visits it anyway with the rest of the N.P.P, when he first meets the Junta babies he also often believes them not to be foxes but kittens because of the fact they are very playful and the fact that Santiago often plays with his tail. Nonetheless unlike Reynaldo Roberto enjoys the innocence of the babies and is just as good as young Junta children as many others are. Nonetheless he is friendly with his allies and eventually his enemies but he can be rather chauvinistic at times refusing to play for older Junta girls and yet playing music and for males in his allies' organizations as well as adult females in his allies' organizations.

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