Roland is the Chief of the Defence Staff of the Animalian Armed Forces and the head of the Armed Forces.


He was named after Roland Friesler


He is an anthropomorphic hyena wearing a white shirt, a cream tie, dark green trousers and a dark green military jacket but sometimes wears a dark green sweatshirt and on occasion he wears soldier style clothing.


In terms of personality Roland is a highly experienced leader having served in the army since Animalia's independence and though the armed forces are left scattered he instead leaves command of the army to the Chief of the General Staff Mehmed , command of the navy to the first sea lord Borislav and command of the Air Force to the Chief of the Air Staff Mirko and takes command of the T.A.A or the Traditional Army of Animalia another part of the Armed Forces which acts more like a Home Guard using more traditional weaponry and basically using whatever they can get their hands on no matter how ridiculous or obscure. Their motto: "If you can hold it and kill someone with it use it." After the end of the dictatorship Roland comes back to Animlia and resumes his role as the Chief of the Defence Staff.

He is also a very serious character and his seriousness also makes him a mysterious character earning him the nickname "Animalia's Khomeini". Like many real life generals Roland is a very strict and disciplined character but he does show a liking with the Fox Junta's leader Roberto and many members of the former Fox Junta .

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